Steins;Gate 0 new character outfits, game covers and Amadeus "Kurisu" trailer

The official website updated today with the game covers and a trailer featuring the Amadeus "Kurisu" that was featured at the Tokyo Game Show 2015, sans her saying the TGS specific lines. I've now added them to the Steins;Gate 0 (Visual Novel) article.

New outfits were also published for several of the characters. Those haven't been added to the article or elsewhere on the wiki yet, but until they are, you can see them by visiting the official website and clicking the arrows in the upper right of a character's profile to see their new duds. And, the new character sprites are now added to the wiki article. :)

I changed the character gallery into a slideshow, because it was getting rather long. If people prefer them displayed gallery style, though, they can be changed back.