@channel is the equivalent of real life 5channel (former 2channel) in the Science Adventure game universe.

Kurisu Makise is a @channeler and is ashamed of the fact.Rintaro Okabe and Itaru Hashida were surprised that Kurisu was a @channeler and teased her for that.

One Japanese meme showcased in the Science Adventure Series, more specifically Steins;Gate on @channel is:

  • Person A: Nullpo (ぬるぽ, Hepburn: Nurupo. Short for "Null Pointer Exception")
  • Person B: Ga (Sound of hitting someone on the back of the head)

This meme naturally originates from 5channel, in this case from 5channel's programming board.

One English translation of this meme used in Anime subtitle sets is:

  • Person A: Lurk...
  • Person B: Moar.

Another translation of this meme is:

  • Person A: All your base...
  • Person B: Are belong to us.

The official translation of the Visual Novel simply keeps the translation as the Japanese equivalent, and uses the tips feature to clarify the meaning of the meme:

  • Person A: Nullpo
  • Person B: Gah!
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