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This page shows a complete translated log of @channel message board and Lab PC in Steins;Gate episode 2 .

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Note: a. The topics somewhat related to S;G is bold. b. Rai-Net characters appeared in this list are; Kakeru, Kirari, Tamaru, Ayumi(trap), Nagaya, Terious and J.

John Titor Thread Log[]

100-105: Nameless Prophet [sage] 20:35 28.07.2010
     A time travelar's here! LOLOL
119 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Do they sell time machine? How much?
   Buy me for 100 million.
120 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Condense the situation into 3 lines plz.
121 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Details about time machine.
122 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Time traveler lol
123 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Is he serious? a time traveler?
124 john titor [age]
   SERN maintains an exclusive monopoly on time machines.
   Neither civilians nor corporations may acquire one.
   They've used the time machine for their sole benefit, to bring about dystopia.
125 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Who is this guy?
126 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Listen to him, boys
127-130 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Dystopia LOLOL
131 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   What is dystopia?

135 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   (°Д °)huh?
136 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Wait! LOLOL He is serious LOLOL
137 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Chuuni-byou's here!
138 Nameless Prophet [sage] 
   What is dystopia?
139 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Distopia LOLOL
140 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Stupid. Distopia is a common word.
141 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   It's DIS&PIA, hurr.
142 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   (°Д°)huh? "Yu-topia" hot spa is the best, you know.
143 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   C H A O S !
144 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Calm down for now. Then add tripcode.

204 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Does Titor want to change the future for his self-righteousness? How arrogant.
   Dystopia isn't so bad since It's peaceful, right?
205 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   You read too many manga.
206 john titor [age]
   I've came to change future. To destroy SERN's dystopia,
   and to set the world free again.
207 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Freedom to the world LOLOL
208 Nameless Prophet [sage]
209 Nameless Prophet [sage]
210 Chestnut Rice and Kamehameha [sage]
   Then you claim SERN=Dictators?

256 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   I'm an information disadvantage, still I got it.
257 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   All I can think of is Europian Laboratory for Pariticle Physics.
258 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   They got mad at me. LOL orz
259 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   You are a nice guy, you know.

450 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Discuss to the full extent.
451 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   If you time travel, can you meet yourself in the past? 
452 john titor [age]
   You mean the so-called Grandfather Paradox, right?
   There's no such thing. It's possible to meet yourself in the past.
   If you do, you simply move world line.
453 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Tripcode=add your password after your name.

??? Nameless Prophet [sage]
   What's a world line?

??? Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Could it be, Many-worlds interpretation of Everett?

??? john titor [age]
   Let me start by saying that time isn't a single line, moving from past to future.
   It comprises infinite parallel lines, like rivers, called "world lines."
   For example, let's say a serial killer were going to murder you today.
   If I came from the future and prevent it, the world would diverge into two:
   a world in which you survived, and a world in which you died.

616 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   I don't know anything about dystopia, but Mr.Titor, you FAIL.
617 Hououin Kyouma [age]
   I didn't think I'd see some idiot pretending Titor now.
618 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Pretending?      (°Д°)huh?
619 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Do you two know each other?

710 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Tiiime Travelleeerrrrrr!! LOL.
711 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   John Titor appeared ten years ago... Seriously? Any proof?
712 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Delusion FAIL
713 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   He must be receiving electromagnetic waves.
714 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   He's horrible LOL
715 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   >>712 anachro
716 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Yeah, just horrible. LOLOL
717 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   Is he receiving EM waves from school's roof?
718 Nameless Prophet [sage]
   It's jsut a delusion of Hououin-san, right?

804 Hououin Kyouma [age]
   I want an answer from Titor.
   About ten years ago... In other words, the year 2000.
805 john titor [age]
   ...It's interesting that you should ask that.
   But unfortunately, I've never been to the year 2000. Nor do I intend to go.

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