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The Alpha Worldlines are linked to the Alpha Attractor Field, and are apocalyptic timelines shown in Steins;Gate.

The Alpha Attractor field is referred to as 0%-0.999999% by the Divergence Meter. The final convergence point of the Alpha Worldline is the completion of the SERN Time Machine and the enslavement of humanity by the Committee of 300.

Alpha is distinct from the Beta or Steins;Gate worldlines by the existence of a SERN-led dystopian tempocracy.

Key Distinctions[]

The crashed FG204 is a signature of this worldline.

  • Hashida Suzuha has a strong influence on Tennouji Yugo and Nakabachi, though this seems to be shared by the Beta Worldline.
  • A landing miscalculation means FG204 crashes into the side of the Akihabara Radio Kaikan on July 28th, 2010, causing a media uproar.
  • John Titor appears on internet forums for the first time in 2010, claiming to be a time traveller from Japan's future.
  • Hashida Itaru receives a strange broken apart text message from Okabe Rintarou, declaring the death of Makise Kurisu.
  • Dr Nakabachi's lecture on time travel is cancelled, leading to Makise Kurisu to instead deliver a lecture on the same topic. Although she takes a dim view of the subject in her arguments, a fierce debate ensues with Okabe Rintarou, which intrigues her into following him to his lab.
  • Kurisu joins the Future Gadget Lab, and aids in the design of the PhoneWave, and later, the Time Leap Machine. Experiments with the PhoneWave lead to SERN taking an interest in the Akihabara-based group.
  • In mid to late August 2010, Shiina Mayuri dies due to unforeseen medical problems, or misadventure.
  • SERN claims all research related to the Time Machine.
  • Okabe Rintarou and Hashida Itaru become leaders of the anti-SERN resistance.
  • To keep her safe, Hashida Itaru never sees his daughter.
  • Okabe Rintarou dies in 2025, after being tortured by SERN agents.
  • Hashida Itaru dies between 2025-2036, leaving his time machine as a gift to his daughter.
  • Amane Yuki dies between 2034-2036, assassinated by Rounders.
  • With no other options, Amane Suzuha uses FG204 to travel back in time.

Witnessed Deviations[]

The following deviations of the Alpha Worldline have been seen across various Steins;Gate media;

Worldline Deviation Chart
Worldline Deviation As Seen In... Notable Events