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The Amadeus system logo

Amadeus is the name of a memory storage and artificial intelligence system developed by the Viktor Chondria University using Kurisu Makise's thesis on Visual Rebuilding as a basis.

Both the Senior Chief of Neuroscience of the University, professor Alexis Leskinen, and his assistant and Kurisu's senior, Maho Hiyajo, are in charge of the program.

The name of the system comes from the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Amadeus is a Latin-derived word meaning "Loved by God"[1].

Amadeus was first introduced in the Epigraph Trilogy, and was later featured in Steins;Gate 0.

Functionality and applications[]

By using Kurisu's thesis to convert human memory into digital data, Amadeus is capable of creating a fully functional artificial intelligence with all the capabilities and memories of the person whose data is using.

As explained by Maho Hiyajo, Amadeus' capabilities of storing memory data make it possible to back-up the data of a person's memories. This could be useful, for example, to fight against memory loss.

The character model was designed by Drinkworks Studios and the voice was synthesized by the YAMANA company.

Amadeus in Steins;Gate 0[]

Okabe being introduced to Asmodeus.

Amadeus was first introduced during Alexis Leskinen's lecture about Amadeus itself, along with Hiyajo Maho, where they booted up an artificial intelligence based on Hiyajou Maho's memory data.

After Rintaro Okabe shared his experience with Kurisu Makise (who he had met Alpha Attractor Field) to Maho Hiyajo, she later introduced him to an A.I. based on Kurisu's stored memories, and was given the chance to act as a tester for the program. After he accepts, he is given a mobile application that allows him to contact the Amadeus Kurisu.