Front cover by huke of This Side of Paradise booklet, showing the friendship of Okabe and Daru, in keeping with the short story "Amity Sprouting From Reminiscence (萌芽追想のアミティエ)"

Steins;Gate – Amity Sprouting From Reminiscence
(STEINS;GATE 萌芽追想のアミティエ Hōga Tsuisō no Amitie?) is a short story which tells how Daru became Okabe's "My Favorite Right Arm" (right-hand man); in other words, how they became such true friends during high school.

The scenario writer was YASUMOTO Toru (安本亨) with HAYASHI Naotaka (林直孝) acting as editor and SAKAI Kyuuta (坂井久太) providing the illustrations. It was published in July, 2012 as part of the booklet Steins;Gate – This Side of Paradise, which was bundled with the original anime BD/DVD v1-9 set.[1]


The story is set in August, 2010 during Operation Urd[2] in Alpha Attractor Field and is told alternating between Okabe and Kurisu's perspectives, as Okabe and Daru reminisce about how they met in high school. These past events set in February, 2008, are the same in both the Alpha and Beta Attractor Fields because Daru's memories are from the Alpha AF and Okabe's from the Beta AF.[3][4][5]

AmityStoryOtomiYouko 2008Okabe

Otomi Youko and Okabe in 2008 on their school rooftop.[6]

In their high school, there was a girl named Otomi Youko, aka the "Queen of Red" or "Red Marks/Points Girl (Akatenjyou 赤点女)", who had trouble passing tests and was in danger of not having enough school credits to graduate due to health issues.

Before the final supplementary exams, she and Hououin Kyouma came up with a strategy, worthy of a Mad Scientist's diginity, to obtain the exam questions ahead of time.

In order to do so, they pulled Daru into being their "comrade", and when he succesfully obtained the exam questions via hacking, he and Okabe exchanged a firm handshake. At that moment, both of their mobile phones received the same set of messages:

Received: 03:42am
Subject: Untitled

Don't forget,


Received: 03:42am
Subject: Untitled

that man is your


Received: 03:42am
Subject: Untitled

sworn friend for life.[7]

In the end, Otomi, without cheating, fails the supplementary exams and leaves school. However, she seems to have recovered her health and is doing her best to pass the “Kounin” (Upper Secondary School Proficiency) exam[8] since then.

While having fun reminscing, Okabe realises that those mails he and Daru received from an unknown sender must have been a D-Mail that he sent now to the two of them in the past[9], which he dubs "Operation Thrym!"[10][11]





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