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Steins;Gate – Babel of the Grieved Maze (STEINS;GATE 『哀心迷図のバベル』 Aishin Meizu no Baberu?) Is a drama CD from 2010 that was adapted to a four volume manga series and a light novel by the same name. They tell Kurisu Makise's story just before going back to the beta worldline.

Drama CD[]

The drama CD's cover

Steins;Gate Drama CD α Babel of the Grieved Maze Divergence 0.571046% (STEINS;GATEドラマCD α『哀心迷図のバベル』ダイバージェンス0.571046% - Aishin Meizu no Baberu) was first released on March 31, 2010.[1]


Taking place in chapter ten of the VN, anime episodes 21-22, in the alpha world line divergence 0.571046%, the drama CD follows Kurisu's perspective as she comes to grips with Okabe's revelation that in order to save Mayuri, Kurisu would have to die. Kurisu meets Faris for the first time and the surprising relationship between her father and Faris's late father as friends and research partners comes to light, spurring Kurisu on to discover what they were researching.

Further Synopsis[]

Kurisu learns of her father and Faris's father researching time machines in the past with a Professor Hashida and accepts that changing the world lines means the end for her. However, thanks to Faris discovering a cassette tape recording made by Kurisu's father, Kurisu changes to a more positive perspective after learning the surprising truth of her father's feelings of regret for his rejection of her and decides to run back to the lab to tell Okabe her feelings to take with him just before the last D-Mail is undone.


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Steins;Gate – Babel of the Grieved Maze (STEINS;GATE 哀心迷図のバベル) is a four volume manga adaptation by NARIIE Shinichirou who later also adapted the β drama CD to manga form. It expands on the story line presented in the drama CD in various ways, such as depicting Kurisu on August 16th in the second volume. In the fourth volume, it follows Okabe after the final D-Mail was undone as he tries to rescue Kurisu. It then returns to Kurisu's perspective on September 21st as she searches for Okabe in Akihabara, finds him, and then is reunited with Faris and the other lab members. 

The manga has been published in both paperback and ebook form.


Light Novel[]

Cover of the light novel adaptation

Steins;Gate – Babel of the Grieved Maze (STEINS;GATE‐シュタインズ・ゲート‐ 哀心迷図のバベル) was written by 明時士栄 with the cover illustration by huke and the text illustrations by NARIIE Shinichirou, the artist behind the manga adaptation. It was published in both paper and ebook forms on April 20, 2013, ISBN 978-4-8291-4723-8.[2]