Chaos;Child (ChäoS;Child, カオスチャイルド, カオチャ) is the fourth main entry in the Science Adventure Series, and the thematic sequel to Chaos;Head. It was originally released on the Xbox One on December 18, 2014. Like Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child is described as a "Delusional Science Adventure".[1]

Chaos;Child features mystery and psychological horror as its main themes. The gameplay revolves around the use of the "Delusion Trigger" system, which allows the protagonist to view positive delusions, negative delusions, or no delusions at all at various points in the story. After reaching the common route ending in the game, the player can use the Delusion Triggers to reach heroine routes in subsequent playthroughs.[2]

The direct sequel to Chaos;Child, titled Chaos;Child Love Chu☆Chu!!, was released on March 30, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.[3] The game follows an alternative plot line to Chaos;Child in which the protagonist, Takuru Miyashiro, chooses to ignore the Return of the New Generation Madness and instead focus on "real-life activities" and spending time with girls.

Plot overviewEdit

The story takes place in 2015, six years after the events of Chaos;Head, in Shibuya. The aftermath of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake labelled the "Shibuya Earthquake" in 2009 left the city in shambles, and its citizens were left to rebuild from the ground up. Many of Shibuya's surviving citizens, particularly the young, were diagnosed with PTSD-like symptoms that would come to be known as "Chaos Child Syndrome".

Takuru Miyashiro, an arrogant and introverted senior at Hekiho Academy, is one of these survivors. A self-proclaimed "right-sider", Takuru’s passion is being knowledgeable about the latest news and information before it reaches the general public, which is full of what he calls "wrong-siders". True to his nature, Takuru discovers connections between a recent serial killing case and the New Generation Madness from 2009, connections that the general public and even the police haven't caught onto.

It's the Return of the New Generation Madness, and soon, Takuru will be hot on the killer's trail. But will he catch the killer, or will the killer catch him?

Relation to Steins;GateEdit

Chaos;Child takes place within the same universe as the rest of the entries in the Science Adventure Series, and takes place five years after the events of Steins;Gate on the Steins Gate worldline.

Mio Kunosato, a supporting character in Chaos;Child, is a scientist at Viktor Chondria University and a colleague of Kurisu Makise. In an early scene in the game, she is seen conversing with Kurisu over the phone, and she refers to her as "Chris". In the game's prequel manga, Chaos;Child: Children's Collapse, the early days of Mio and Kurisu's relationship are depicted.

Though he doesn't appear directly, Itaru Hashida plays a role in guaranteeing the safety of a few of Chaos;Child's characters near the climax of the common route.

AH Tokyo General Hospital, a prominent location in both Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child, is also an important location in Steins;Gate 0—it is the hospital where patients of new encephalitis were treated in the latter.

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