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List of Main Characters[]


Side Characters[]

  • Yugo Tennouji- (CV: Masaki Terasoma /Christopher R. Sabat ), called Mr. Braun by Okabe, he is the landlord of the building the Lab is situated in and runs a CRT repair shop on the ground floor.
  • Nae Tennouji- (CV: Ayano Yamamoto /Brina Palencia ) is the timid, young daughter of Yugo Tennouji.
  • Fubuki and Kaede. Mayuri's cosplay friends. They are minor characters in the orginal story, wherein Fubuki is mentioned as having requested Mayuri to fix a costume, which Mayuri had made for her. They are side characters in Steins;Gate 0.
  • Shouichi Makise- (CV: Mitsuru Ogata /Kent Williams ) is the irritable, estranged father of Kurisu.
  • John Titor - (CV: Hiroshi Tsuchida/Patrick Seitz) Someone who claimed to have come from the future in an @channel thread in the year 2010. Okabe appears to be the only one to remember that John Titor had previously appeared on an internet forum years ago. 
  • Eisuke Urushibara - (CV: Mitsuaki Hoshino /Robert McCollum ) is the head priest of Yanabayashi Shrine and Luka's father. Kurisu praised his good nature,
  • Yukitaka Akiha - (CV: Taira Kikumoto /Eric Vale ) is a large landowner of Akihabara. He once possessed IBN 5100 but sold it for an important reason.
  • Alexis Leskinen - an influential professor at Viktor Chondria University
  • Judy Reyes - Leskinen and Maho's friend. She is also a professor at Viktor Chondria University

Minor Characters[]

  • 4°C (reads 'Shido') - ( CV: Minoru Shiraishi). Shido is the leader of Viral Attackers, a group of delinquents that play the popular board game "Rai-Net Access Battlers". His craziness almost rivals Okabe's.
  • Woman of Sambo - (CV: Yuuko Ushida) a shopwoman of gyudon restaurant. She is known for often warning the lab members of the strict "No Cellphone" rule.
  • FES - (CV: Yui Sakakibara) is the lead vocalist of indie band Phantasm, from 5pb. Games/Nitroplus visual novel Chaos;Head. She sings the bad ending theme for Steins;Gate's visual novel. Her image is seen at various points in the visual novel, such as on screens in front of UPX.
  • Lightning Fast Neidhardt, is the handle name of online-MMORPG player Takumi Nishijou, who is somewhat infamous on internet communities such as @channel. He is the protagonist of the game Chaos;Head. He is mentioned once by Daru in the visual novel, and he makes an appearance in the spin-off game Steins;Gate: Variant Space Octet.
  • Mother and boy (CV: Toa Yukinari, Mai Hirano): On Manseibashi bridge at 13-Aug-2010 17:20, the two talked about white Shinkansen bullet train.
  • Youko Otomi (音海よう子) aka the "Queen of Red" or "Red Marks/Points Girl (Akatenjyou 赤点女)", an aquaintance of Okabe and Daru's in high school, who had trouble passing tests and was in danger of not having enough school credits to graduate due to health issues. She appears in the short story "Amity Sprouting From Reminiscence" and is influential in Okabe and Daru becoming friends.

Anime within Anime Characters[]

  • from "Rai-net Kakeru"
    • Takeru - main hero
    • Kirari - heroine
    • Upa - Takeru's digital pet and legendary program.
  • from "Blood Tune the Animation" (also from Chaos;Head) [fictional official site]
    • Seira Orgel - main heroine
    • Sedona - rival bounty hunter
  • from "The Familiar of Zero
    • ​Louise - main heroine. Quote: "Are you stupid? Do you want to die?"
  • Gero Froggy (Gerokaerun)
Popular mascot from Chaos;Head. Went out of fashion in 2009.

Seira Orgel (from Chaos;Head VN)