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A number of Drama CDs, based off the visual novel Steins;Gate, have been produced. Some of them expound on periods of time that were glossed over in the visual novel whilst others are set in completely different world lines, seemingly unimportant to the main canon.

List of Drama CDs[]

Alpha, Beta, Gamma Trilogy[]

DramaCD alpha s

Drama CD α - Babel of the Grieved Maze (2010)

The first of the trilogy, Babel of the Grieved Maze, was released on March 31, 2010. It recounts the events of chapter 10 of the visual novel from Kurisu Makise's perspective. The CD was adapted into a manga, a light novel, and a short anime adaptation in the pachislot arcade game Inductance of World Rotation[1].

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Drama CD β - Arc Light of the Point at Infinity (2010)

The second installment of the trilogy, Arc Light of the Point at Infinity, was released on April 28, 2010. It follows Mayuri Shiina one year after Rintaro Okabe's first failed attempt to save Kurisu Makise in the final chapter of the visual novel. Many elements of the CD were adapted into the visual novel, Steins;Gate 0. A manga adaptation was released in 2014.


Drama CD γ - Hyde of the Dark Dimension (2010)

The third and final installment of the trilogy, Hyde of the Dark Dimension, was released on June 2, 2010. The story occurs after Rintaro Okabe sends the D-Mail to turn Luka Urushibara back into a male at the end of chapter 8 of the visual novel, ending up in a greatly diverging world line. Unlike the previous two installments, this CD did not recieve any print adaptations, however it was adapted in the pachislot arcade game Inductance of World Rotation as an anime short.[2]

Steins;Gate Drama CD Audio Series - Laboratory Members (2010)[]

The Drama CD Audio Series - Laboratory Members were a series of CDs released in Late 2010. They consisted of a short audio drama and song performed by the respective voice actor/actress. Each audio drama occurs either before or during the prologue of the visual novel, July 28th, 2010.

Labmem Number - 001☆Rintarou Okabe
The first drama of the series, released after the following five on November 24, 2010, accounts the events of Rintaro Okabe before attending Dr. Nakabachi's conference in the prologue of the visual novel.[3] This is the only drama of this series to take place in the Beta Worldline.
Labmem Number - 002☆Mayuri Shiina
The second drama, released first out of the series on August 25, 2010, details the events of the FG204 crashing into Radio Kaikan and the news coverage and panic around it.[4] Starting with this drama, the rest of the series is set in the Alpha Worldline, with subtle differences from the first drama hinting at the change.
Labmem Number - 003☆Itaru Hashida
The third drama, released on September 22, 2010, presents the thought process behind Rintaro Okabe and Mayuri Shiina investigating Radio Kaikan.[5]
Labmem Number - 004☆Kurisu Makise
The fourth drama, also released on September 22, 2010, monologues Kurisu Makise and her reaction to the incident at Radio Kaikan and consequent cancellation of her father's conference.[6]
Labmem Number - 005☆Moeka Kiryuu
The fifth drama, released on October 20, 2010, chronicles the whereabouts of Moeka Kiryu during the incident at Radio Kaikan.[7]
Labmem Number - 006☆Luka Urushibara
The sixth drama, also released on October 20, 2010, details the process of Rintaro Okabe's memories being overwritten by his self from the Beta Worldline; his Reading Steiner transistion after the first D-Mail was sent.[8]
Labmem Number - 007☆Faris NyanNyan
The seventh drama, released on November 24th, 2010, journals what Faris NyanNyan was doing during the incident at Radio Kaikan and her reaction to the aftermath.[9]
Labmem Number - 008☆Suzuha Amane
The eight and final drama of the series, released on November 24th, 2010, follows Suzuha Amane moments after the FG204 crashes into Radio Kaikan.[10]

Magazine Exclusive Drama CDs[]


Comptiq Magazine July 2011

Comptiq Original Drama CD, July 2011

This drama follows Rintaro Okabe, who wakes up in the high school he graduated from. After interactions with Mayuri, Luka, and Daru, Okabe finds out not everything is as it seems, especially after a certain altercation with the school nurse, Moeka Kiryu.


Comptiq Magazine October 2011

Comptiq Original Drama CD, October 2011

This drama introduces gyūdon shop worker Chio Otofuke who joins Mayuri Shiina to the Future Gadget Lab to inform Rintaro Okabe on his tab that has been building over several months. However, in the process, Chio befriends Itaru Hashida, infuriating Suzuha Amane who then bullies Chio as days progress.


Comp Ace Magazine November 2011

Comp Ace Original Drama CD, November 2011

This drama, like most days at the lab, has Rintaro Okabe being threatened by Yugo Tennouji for the ruckus he is causing. Soon after, Yugo's daughter, Nae visits the lab and asks Kurisu and Mayuri for cooking lessons to help her father with his difficult work days. Okabe, though having to taste Kurisu and Mayuri's rancid cooking, follows through with the lessons to get back at Yugo; however, after a one on one with him, Okabe questions his decision.


Comptiq Magazine May 2013

Inevitable Blushing Gossip

Included with the May 2013 issue of Comptiq Magazine, Inevitable Blushing Gossip takes place one day after Kurisu Makise arrives in Japan in Load Region of Déjà vu. This drama has Kurisu and Faris interrogate Daru about his new online "girlfriend," Yuki Amane. Moeka reveals that Okabe had her snoop for information on Daru's budding friendship. As she proceeds to tell Faris and Kurisu the details, Daru diverts the conversation to talking about Kurisu's own relationship with Okabe.

Load Region of Déjà vu Original Drama CDs[]


A Posteriori Existence (2013)

A Posteriori Existence is the first of three Drama CDs released in conjunction with the 2013 film,Load Region of Déjà vu. A prequel to the film, the Drama CD is set in future chronologizing Kurisu Makise's endeavours in creating a time machine in order to bring back Rintaro Okabe from the The "R" Line. This was included in the Deluxe Blu-Ray box set.


Symphonia of Meanderings Hidden in Ambiguity (2013)

Symphonia of Meanderings Hidden in Ambiguity also serves a prequel, taking place one week before Load Region of Déjà vu. It revolves around Mayuri Shiina trying to give advice to Kurisu Makise and Rintaro Okabe who are both attempting to find gifts for one another before Kurisu's trip to Japan. This CD was included a Amazon-exclusive version of the Deluxe Blu-Ray box set of the film.


Fractal of Unexpressed Thought Material (2013)

Like the previous two Drama CDs, Fractal of Unexpressed Thought Material occurs before Load Region of Déjà vu. It follows Nae Tennouji investigating her father, Yugo, and Moeka Kiryu, becoming suspicious about their relationship. This CD was a bonus for people who pre-ordered the film.

Future Gadget Radio Shows[]

The Future Gadget Radio Shows were short radio talk shows hosted by the Future Gadget Lab members. A portion called "Seiyuu Talk" was sandwhiched in every radio show, allowing the voice actors/actresses to break character and chat.


Future Gadget Radio Show Comiket Special Edition (2009)

The first Future Gadget Radio Show was released during Comiket 77. The hosts for the show were Kurisu Makise, Mayuri Shiina, and Faris NyanNyan. This CD also came with two monologue dramas, one starring Kurisu, and the other starring Mayuri; both of these monologues were themed around New Year's.


STEINS;GATE Original Soundtrack + Radio CD (tentative title) (2010)

The second Future Gadget Radio Show CD was released on February 3, 2010 as an additional disc in the Steins;Gate soundtrack. This CD includes nine original radio shows, with a tenth being a redistribution of the Comiket 77 show.


Future Gadget Radio Comiket 78 Special Edition + Round Table Meeting (2010)

The final Future Gadget Radio Show, similar to the the first, released during Comiket 78. The hosts for this show were Rintaro Okabe, Kurisu Makise, and Mayuri Shiina. This CD came with two Lab Member Round Table Meetings.

Laboratory Members' Round Table Meetings[]


Laboratory Members' Round Table Meeting Drama CD (2010)

The Laboratory Members' Round Table Meeting Drama CD was included with a limited edition version of the Steins;Gate manga. This CD includes 4 dramas, all of which describing the shenangians that occur in the lab, such as discussing about the rent perpetually increasing and Daru constantly playing eroge games.


Future Gadget Compact Disc 1 (2011)

This "Future Gadget Compact Disc" was included with Vol. 1 of the Steins;Gate Blu-Ray. The disc includes the first 5 dramas of the "Hohoemi Douga no Metafiction" series, logging the antics of lab members in news of them getting an anime series. The disc also includes part 1 of "Oudou Teishiki no Hot Spring" which shows the lab members' surprise vacation to a hot spring.


Future Gadget Compact Disc 5 (2011)

This "Future Gadget Compact Disc" was included in Vol. 5 of the Steins;Gate Blu-Ray. The disc includes the latter 5 dramas of the "Hohoemi Douga no Metafiction" series. Additionally, the disc includes part 2 of "Oudou Teishiki no Hot Spring."



Anthology Drama CD I - Reunion of the Hallucinated Space (2012)

This anthology CD came with two dramas. The first, entitled "Kurisu, Will You Cosplay?" is set around Kurisu Makise all of a sudden tangled into participating in a cosplay competition. The second, simply titled "Lab Holiday," occurs when Rintaro Okabe cancels a Round Table Meeting after he comes down with a cold; rather than staying home when receiving the news, the rest of the lab members come to comfort him.


Anthology Drama CD II - Vacation of an Ephermeral Silhouette (2012)

This anthology CD came with three dramas, all happening in sequence rather than being an assortment like the previous CD. The first drama, titled "Pleasing Treasured Body Pillow," has the lab members vacationing to the beach, with dire events following them. The second drama, "Faraway Island Kampotof," has the lab members stranded on an abandoned island after their plane crashes. The third drama, "Prophecy of Steamed Fish Paste Cakes," serves as a conclusion to the CD.


Science Adventure Series Special Drama CD - Triptych of an Abrupt Chain (2013)

The Science Adventure Series Special Drama CD anthology came with three dramas, all of which tie into different Science Adventure Series games. "Manatsu no Hiru no Caprice" which ties into Robotics;Notes, "Engimatic Ward" which ties into ChäoS;HEAd, and "An Idol's Dream Stage" which ties into Steins;Gate. "An Idol's Dream Stage" follows Luka Urushibara as he is hired as an idol in an idol café.


The Hashida Family's Love and Affection (2017)

Released on December 19, 2017, The Hashida Family’s Love and Affection is the first of three Drama CDs focusing on Itaru Hashida, his wife, Yuki, and their daughter, Suzuha. Split in three parts, the CD follows Daru doing the best job he can to parent his 2-year-old daughter, with certain actions bringing repercussions from his wife.


The Perpetually Infinite Hashida Concerto (2018)

The second installment of the Hashida family's misadventures, The Perpetually Infinite Hashida Concerto, was released on April 30, 2018. It follows the Hashida family preparing for the Shichi-Go-San festival. Unfortunately, Daru accidentally eats the candy and ruins the doll meant for Suzuha, making her unfathomably upset.


The Dog Days of Hashida Comima (2018)

The third final installment, titled The Dog Days of Hashida ComiMa, was released on August 18, 2018. Now that Suzuha is a teenager, her rebellious nature is ever more present. This poses a challenge to Daru, who does whatever he can to reconnect with his daughter. With the push from his wife, Yuki, Daru starts dieting and exercising in an attempt to unsever his connection with Suzuha.

Epigraph Trilogy spin-off Drama CDs[]


Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface (2012)

The first in a series of spin-offs that tie into the Epigraph Trilogy, Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface was released on November 9, 2012 with a limited edition release of Epigraph of the Closed Curve. The CD follows Maho Hiyajo visting her junior, Kurisu Makise, in Japan. When Maho arrives, she is introduced to Kurisu's friends and members of the "lab" she spends time in. With more interactions with these characters, Maho becomes concerned that Kurisu is affiliating herself the wrong people and tries to find a way to help.


Pandemia of Artificial Machinery (2013)

The second in the series, Pandemia of Artificial Machinery, was released on January 25, 2013 with a limited edition release of Pandora of Eternal Return. The CD starts with the perspective of Daru who is approached by Maho Hiyajo. Maho uncharacteristically professes her love for Daru, and is quickly followed by Kurisu Makise professing hers'. Soon, Mayuri, Luka, and the rest of the lab members walk into Daru playing this simulation of the lab members. Soon, it it revelead that the simulation is that of Amadeus, with the revelation being taken advantage by Rintaro Okabe.


Arpeggio of Time Rotation (2013)

The third and final installment of the series, Arpeggio of Time Rotation, was released on September 26, 2013 with a limited edition version of Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity. The CD starts with a conversation between Okabe and Daru about a festival that is happening at the university they attend. Mayuri, Kurisu, and Maho find out about the festival and ask Okabe and Daru if they can come, with an apprehensive Okabe struggling to make a decision.


Epigraph of the Closed Curve EXTRACT SCENES (2014)

Unrelated to the previous three dramas, the Epigraph of the Closed Curve EXTRACT SCENES serves as a partial adaptation of the light novel of the same name; the CD adapts Part 1 and half of Part 2 of the light novel. The CD was released on December 28, 2014 in the Steins;Gate 5th Anniversary Set sold during Comiket 87.

Steins;Gate 0 Drama CDs[]


Adaptive Radiation Paradise Lost (2016)

Adaptive Radiation Paradise Lost was released with The Sound of Steins;Gate Complete box set on March 2, 2016. The story occurs one year after the FG204 was destroyed by Stratfor, plunging Japan into state of terror. During this year, the rest of the world has deteriorated into chaos, with a data breach into SERN’s Large Hadron Collider being the latest in the series of catastrophes. Maho Hiyajo and Daru do their best to further research ways to prevent the inevitable World War III whilst also being wary towards the SERN breacher who is only known by the codename Sechzehn.


Blended Coffee Encounter (2018)

Released with Vol. 1 of the Steins;Gate 0 Blu-Ray on June 27, 2018, Blended Coffee Encounter is the first of three Drama CDs that tie-in to the anime. After the Christmas party, Maho Hiyajo reflects on her first and subsequent interactions with Kurisu Makise, logging how they met and how they became friends.


Runaway of the Free Particles (2018)

The second of the tie-in Drama CDs, Runaway of the Free Particles was released with Vol. 3 of the Blu-Ray on August 24, 2018. It seems to be a normal day in lab. A Round Table Meeting is called after, what Mayuri suggests is, a long time; however, with a loud boom coming from the top of the building, the lab members are baffled by what they find: a time machine with a young girl with long crimson hair in it who calls Okabe “Papa.”


Feast of the Valkyries (2018)

The third tie-in Drama CD, Feast of the Valkyries, was released with Vol. 5 of the Blu-Ray on November 28, 2018. The CD takes place after Okabe’s second failed attempt to prevent Suzuha and Mayuri from Leskinen and Stratfor’s attack and destruction of the time machine; the events after the time leap machine broke. The CD specifically dives into events such as Yuki and Daru’s wedding in this worldline and the formation of Valkyrie, Okabe’s counter-government group.


An assortment of Monologue Dramas were released with various albums that tie-in to Steins;Gate 0.

Monologue lyra

Lyra of the New Dawn

This monologue was released with Zwei’s single Lyra on November 25, 2015. The monologue logs Okabe’s thought process before, what is presumed, his first attempt to save Kurisu Makise.

Monologue amadeus

Amadeus of the Silent Requiem

This monologue was released with Kanako Itō’s Amadeus single on November 25, 2015. It monologues the “thoughts” of the A.I., Amadeus, detailing the dichotomy between being a computer program and having the thoughts, memories, and emotions of a real person.

Monologue wordline

Aria of the Starlight

This monologue was released with Asami Imai’s World-Line single on August 28, 2018. The monologue takes places during Rintaro Okabe’s return to the Alpha Worldline in episode 8 of the anime adaptation.

Monologue soundtrack

Puddle of Tearful Rain

Unlike the previous monologues, Puddle of Tearful Rain was released with the Steins;Gate 0 soundtrack on September 19, 2018. The recounts Mayuri’s decision to go back in time with Suzuha to where she first failed to help Rintaro Okabe in saving Kurisu Makise; another point of view to the catalyst of Operation Arc-light.


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