The Epigraph Trilogy is a fan-made name given to the trilogy made up of the light novels Epigraph of the Closed CurvePandora of Eternal Return, and Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity, which were later adapted into manga.

The trilogy focuses on the story of the Rintaro Okabe who failed to save Kurisu Makise on the Beta Attractor Field and gave up. The series depicts the effects of him giving up and the inevitable arrival of World War III[1].

The Epigraph Trilogy served as the basis for Steins;Gate 0.

Epigraph Trilogy Image Song[edit | edit source]

On May 23, 2012, several months before the first light novel was published, an image song for the trilogy was released called Geometric Space[2].

Light Novels Boxset[edit | edit source]

Epigraph Trilogy boxset

When the last installment in the series, Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity, was published on September 26, 2013, along with the individual publishing of the novel with accompanying drama CD, a special boxset of all three volumes sans the drama CD's was also published.

Accompanying Drama CD's[edit | edit source]

The individual limited editions of the light novels were each accompanied by a drama CD that connect to tell one full story; Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface, Pandemia of Artificial Machinery, and Arpeggio of Time Rotation. They follow Hiyajou Maho as the main character. Each CD begins with Makise Kurisu's voice narrating, "This is the story of a Future Gadget Laboratory that may have been," and no divergence number is given. However, in a joint interview with HAYASHI Naotaka, the scenario writer of the original VN, TAKIMOTO Masashi, the scenario writer for My Darling's Embrace and writer of the Epigraph Trilogy novels, and YASUMOTO Toru, the script writer of their accompanying drama CD's, it was stated that they were written to offset the seriousness of the novels' subject matter and have a My Darling's Embrace, peaceful 3% feel to them.[3] Characters such as Amane Suzuha and Kiryuu Moeka do act like their counterparts in My Darling's Embrace.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface[edit | edit source]


Steins;Gate Drama CD Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface (射影曲面のエピキタシー Shaeikyokumen No Epitakisii?) was released on November 9, 2012 as part of the limited edition of Epigraph of the Closed Curve.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

1. Hard problem
2. Explanatory gap
3. Turing test
4. Connectionism

Preview[edit | edit source]

In a peaceful world line, Makise Kurisu has stayed longer than originally planned in Japan, and Hiyajou Maho arrives intending to bring her back to the States.


『STEINS;GATE 閉時曲線のエピグラフ』限定版収録ドラマ試聴動画

Official preview of the start of the Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface dramaCD

Plot[edit | edit source]

1. Hard problem

One sweltering day in August, Hiyajou Maho arrives in Akihabara. While assuring well-meaning passers-by that she is not a lost child, she makes her way to the lab, thinking, "Just you wait, Future Gadget Laboratory!"

Mayuri and Okabe are walking to the lab, and Mayuri is in high spirits despite the heat. When she explains to Okabe that it is because the lab has grown so much, he laughs that he is not happy about it for… it is but a matter of course for this mad scientist's charisma!

They encounter Luka, Faris and Moeka on the road. Luka is in a high fluster because Faris is on a special mission to try to convince him to work at May Queen during their Miko-Miko week. Fantastical reasons are given. Golden sunrises, messengers of the divine, and the Holy Grail are named. However, it turns out that Faris asked Moeka, but Moeka's condition was that Luka work with her as well, so it would be less embarrassing.

Luka is stuck between a rock and a hard place as on top of Faris's assurances, Mayuri is ecstatic about working together at May Queen, and Moeka joins in with "Cuteness is Justice." Luka begs "Kyouma-san" for help, but Okabe seemingly rejects the plea as unfitting for a mad scientist. Okabe does, however, suggest that they get out of the heat and move to the lab. Mayuri notes that Moeka seems to be suffering. Moeka agrees that she is "melting", so the group moves forward on to the lab.

They come upon Daru and Suzuha outside the Braun Tube Shop as Daru finishes putting a new derailleur gear on Suzuha's bike. Daru notes that he thought there wasn't a Round Table Meeting today. With maniacal laughter, Okabe tells the group that the natural order has opened the way for them to hold a meeting; much to Faris's shock, who thought they were going to continue convincing Luka. Okabe overrides her for the moment, though. When Suzuha wonders about Kurisu not being present, he assures her that Kurisu must be in the lab already, being an "Experiment-Loving Girl", after all.

Upon entering the lab, however, they encounter not Kurisu but a "little girl". Hiyajou Maho seeing them wonders if she got the wrong address. She apologizes that she got the wrong place, but then steps on Okabe's toes when she mentions that she should have realized it since that "high-sounding name" did not fit this place filled with junk. She tries to leave, but Okabe calls her to a halt, calling her "Small Animal!" This riles Maho, but Okabe continues on to call her a spy of the "Organization", hardly believing that they would send even a child in to infiltrate.

The others treat her like a child too, but when Faris offers to help her find where she needs to go, Maho puts aside her frustration to ask for directions. Okabe is shocked that they are getting friendly with an agent of the "Organization". He warns them that she might look like a child, but have the brains of an adult.[4] Maho has no clue what he is talking about with "Organization" and asks Okabe if he is alright in the head. Okabe takes a hit at this but recovers, going on to praise her for finding this Future Gadget Laboratory. However, this Mad Scientist, Hououin Kyou- Maho interrupts and asks him to repeat that. Thinking the Organization's agent is out for more information on him, he restarts his "terrifying" self introduction. Maho turns instead to Mayuri who confirms that this is the Future Gadget Laboratory, when asked.

Hearing this Maho realizes that this must be the place where "she" is after all. Just then Kurisu enters and is surprised to see everyone gathered but shocked to see Maho. As Maho and Kurisu greet each other, the others are confused that Kurisu calls her "Senpai". Maho turns and belatedly introduces herself as Kurisu's senior at the university research institute in the US, Hiyajou Maho, a full-grown woman! The others collectively cry, "Whaaaaaa!?"

2. Explanatory gap

~Scene one~

Moeka summarizes what they have heard as, Maho had grown impatient because Kurisu had not returned, and therefore come to Japan. Suzuha gets that but still looks doubtfully at Maho. Kurisu assures them that in both age and university year, Maho is her senior. Maho adds that she was not impatient and had not come just because she wanted to see Kurisu. They need her for the furthering of their research. Kurisu explains to the others that her university is currently working on a new sort of A.I. She questions Maho about the research, Amadeus. Given what Kurisu arranged before leaving, there shouldn't be that much of a hurry for her to return. Maho protests that even so, originally Kurisu was supposed to come back right after her lecture, and for Kurisu to stay here for this suspicious lab...

Okabe starts chuckling off-kilter at the word "suspicious", which he finds a compliment of the highest order. Further weirded out, Maho asks Kurisu just what this "Hououin" guy is. She totally cannot understand him. Kurisu asks her to simply not think too deeply when it comes to him. Even if Kurisu says that, Maho protests that he has been acting weird for awhile. He even called Kurisu "Assistant". Okabe assures Maho that Kurisu recognizing his brilliance begged to be his assistant. Kurisu cuts in to assure him that that is all in his head.

Maho turns to Kurisu in puzzled distress, not being able to understand Kurisu very well anymore. Why would Kurisu put aside her important research to be in a lab, er junk shop, like this? Kurisu hesitates to answer, and Okabe speaks his affront in a drawn out, condescending tone. Maho has quite a lot of nerve to be calling someone else's lab a "junk shop". Maho, however, has seen the "gadgets" and hardly thinks they can be called as such. Okabe takes a hit again, and demands Daru speak up and say something, which turns out to be a bad choice as Daru begins with "Frank Lolies are the best!!!" His further outburst is stopped by Kurisu, who hastens to assure Maho that she does not have to know what Daru just meant. 

Maho tells Kurisu that she should hurry and return after all she might turn strange with frightening speed if she stays here. Faris protests that they aren't strange, nya! Maho apologizes quickly that she said too much, but Faris continues. The memories of their past lives are simply sealed, nya! Maho turns to Kurisu that they really should leave now, but Kurisu begs Maho to wait. Maho, noticing Kurisu's attitude and hesitation, tells her that if she has a reason she wants to be here Maho hopes Kurisu would tell it to her.

Mayuri asks Luka quietly if Kurisu will be going away… They both think it will be lonely if Kurisu returns to the US. Okabe assures them that Christina won't be leaving. Maho asks him pointedly how he can be so sure. Okabe digs in, asking her if she wants to know. In that case, he'll tell her. It is because, she, Christina, admires him, Hououin Kyouma--! "Christina" shuts him down with that is the one thing it is not. He continues to tease Kurisu even bringing up her avid @channel use. Maho asks what @channel is, and Kurisu falls accidentally into @channel lingo as she threatens Okabe that if he tells her senpai any more weird stuff she will make him pay. Okabe laughs at her slip-up as Kurisu has an orz moment.[5]

Maho is shocked at this new side of Kurisu and the two's whirlwind exchange. Okabe turns to her and says, "That's how it is, Assistant-Loving Girl." Maho reacts dumbfounded at being dubbed such. Okabe teases that she was so lonely without "Assistant" that she came all the way here to see Kurisu. Maho tries to insist that it was only because of their research, but Hashida springs in with a girls-love outburst until Suzuha finds herself bringing pain down upon him, apologizing that her hand just slipped.

Okabe cuts in flaunting to the "Assistant-Loving Girl" that in any case Kurisu would not be returning for the meantime. Riling at the nickname again, Maho asks just what they all are!?

~Scene two~

That night at Kurisu's hotel Maho is having trouble sleeping and she and Kurisu start talking. Maho apologizes for crashing even into Kurisu's hotel room to which Kurisu good-naturedly teases her.

Maho asks Kurisu if the D-mails she was told of earlier are really real. Kurisu admits that she herself is only half-convinced. However, the chances it is real are high. Maho admits that if Kurisu is willing to say that, it probably is. However, if mails that can change the past exist they could mess with the standard order and sense of the world. That something like that could be invented in a place like that is surprising. Kurisu admits that its creation was largely the result of coincidence.

Maho muses that even so they are somehow capable of it, otherwise Kurisu would not have a reason to stay there. Kurisu is at a loss for a reply, and Maho continues to ask about Hououin. Kurisu tells her that he is Okabe Rintarou. Hououin is just something he made up. Maho fails to understand the meaning of his doing so, and starts listing his bad points. He's excessive and rude. With a pause she asks Kurisu if it really is not true that Kurisu asked to be his assistant. Kurisu assures her that that is just Okabe saying whatever he wants. Relieved, Maho muses that that is of course. For Kurisu to do something like that is just… Kurisu cannot reply.

Maho continues that if the D-mails are real it should be taken out of their hands soon and turned over to a proper research facility. Kurisu replies that that might be true, but even though it was accidental, the machine is something "they" created, and… When Maho prompts her, Kurisu tells her that those guys really aren't bad people, so… Maho is surprised at Kurisu's affection for them. Kurisu hides her fluster by suggesting they sleep, since Maho must be tired from her long flight. They wish each other good night.

3. Turing test

~Scene one~

The next day, Maho visits the other lab members in Akihabara and asks them about what sort of person Okabe is. To Luka he is his benefactor who saved him and for another important reason. "Ah! But not in a weird way!" Moeka is unable to tell her because Maho forgot her cellphone back at Kurisu's hotel. Faris finds him interesting and he does not treat her differently than others. Further, they have a looong and deep connection spanning several past lives, nya! To Suzuha he is like an adult. She slips up explaining that he used to change her diapers and give her baths. Mayuri further confuses Maho when she tells her that Mayushii is Okarin's hostage and Daru-kun is his "favorite light saber"!

When Maho voices her confusion, Mayuri says that Okarin is Okarin, just like that, and Daru tells her that Okabe is simply a chuunibyou, good-for-nothing guy who always says strange stuff. It would be nice if Okarin could keep his pushing him around at a minimum. This leads Maho to question why they are together with him. Mayuri answers gently that it is surely because Okarin holds everyone as important. To him each of the lab members is precious. For their sake he would surely do anything. That is why everyone loves him.

Daru won't go as far as to admit it when asked by Mayuri but tells Maho that Okarin is someone to try his hardest for others rather than himself, so when it comes down to it, it is alright to rely on him. Mayuri is sure that if Maho gets to know Okarin better she will come to see his good points.

Maho changes the topic and asks if like earlier Kurisu is always like that around them, laughing and getting angry from the bottom of her heart… Maho pauses and retracts her question telling them never mind. It's fine. Mayuri and Daru are confused as she thanks them and leaves.

~Scene two~

That night Maho sneaks into the empty lab to send a D-mail. As doubtful as it seems, since Kurisu said that it could, the Phone Microwave must work. Maho fumbles around trying to figure out how to use it. She hesitates. Mayuri had said those things, but still…

"What's the matter? Why are you hesitating?" Maho whips around at the sound of Okabe's voice coming pompously from the living area. Maho calls him "Okabe Rintarou" and he shouts back that he is Hououin Kyouma!! Maho tosses that point aside and asks him what he is doing here this late. It couldn't be he had guessed she would come here. He chuckles that of course he can see through an agent of the Organization. However, she hits the truth right on target by guessing that he was actually stuck in the toilet with an upset stomach when she first came in, and proceeds to lecture him on making sure to clean up properly after himself.

Okabe turns the conversation back around on her. She tells him that even if he wants to stop her from sending a D-mail, it is no use. For Kurisu's sake she must send a mail telling her not to come to Japan. That girl's intelligence is something the world of neurological research cannot be without. She does not have the free time to hang around in a place like this. It's for the sake of the world and Kurisu's own personal good if she never came to Japan at all. That is why, Maho apologizes but Okabe cannot stop-. He cuts in telling her that he does not intend to stop her, which trips Maho up. Okabe tells her that if it really is for Christina's sake then it is fine if a D-mail is sent. However, he says that Kurisu should be the one to see the mail and decide about sending it. He tells Maho to not forget that and without a further word coolly leaves the lab.

… After a long pause, Maho tries to send the D-mail for Kurisu's sake, but Okabe words have stuck and she finds herself unable to do so…

4. Connectionism

It is another hot day. Okabe, Daru and Mayuri are walking to the lab when they come upon Faris and Moeka once again trying to convince Luka to work at May Queen. Suzuha shows up as well, and asks if there will be another "Whatever-it's-called Meeting". Since the last Round Table Meeting ended up not happening, after all, Okabe decides it is a good idea to hold one and tells Mayuri to contact Kurisu. However, it turns out that is not necessary as Kurisu comes running up to everyone out-of-breath. Noticing Okabe, she calls out that they have good timing.

Setting aside Okabe's teasing about her growth as an assistant to come before being summoned, she asks him if he has seen Maho. However, no one has seen her. When Luka asks if something is wrong. Kurisu shows them a note that Maho left behind in Kurisu's hotel room that morning.

Moeka reads it aloud, "I'm sorry. I will give up on trying to make you come back. I'll be leaving first." She further writes that Kurisu should do the things she wants to do. Many of them think Maho's departure is very sudden, and Kurisu having noticed that Maho went somewhere last night is worried that something may have happened. She turns to Okabe and asks if he knows anything, but he feigns ignorance, saying it is not strange for someone who suddenly showed up to quickly leave as well. He waves aside Kurisu's protests and declares that today they will definitely hold their "130th" Round Table Meeting, and tries to usher everyone up the stairs to the lab. However, Kurisu knows he is hiding something. She tells him to fess up and demands to know what happened with Maho. They bicker all the way up the stairs until Maho suddenly opens the lab door and asks them to be quieter in the stairwell.

Kurisu and Okabe are stunned. When Kurisu asks her about her leaving, Maho tells them she was planning to but decided to stay awhile longer, after all. She vaguely tells them that it is because there are "various things" that seems interesting here.

Some of the labmems reactions range from confusion to suspicious about Maho's vague choice of words, but Maho adds on that she is planning to stay at the lab while here rather than bothering Kurisu at her hotel, though Kurisu argues otherwise. However, Okabe simply starts fuAHAHAHA-ing and declares Maho "Labmem number ☆ 009!", shocking everyone else. Except for Maho, that is, who declares that that sounds interesting. Kurisu is surprised at both of them. Mayuri is overjoyed that the lab is growing again.  Daru has no problem whatsoever with Maho staying, fully intending to keep playing his eroge at that lab, which makes Suzuha feel apologetic [for her father's behavior].

Okabe announces that at this time the D-mails should work, so they should start experimenting. Maho is interested but pauses when she realizes that Okabe said "at this time". Moeka then explains that the D-mails can only be sent between noon and six in the evening. Okabe bursts in with a laugh and orders "Assistant" and "Loliko" to start the preparations. Maho takes issue with being called weird names and demands to know that Okabe had said all that last night knowing she could not send a D-mail anyway. Okabe just tells her to not sweat the small stuff and continues his laughter. With exasperation, Maho reflects that maybe she should just leave, and Kurisu tells her that might be better.

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Pandemia of Artificial Machinery[edit | edit source]


Steins;Gate Drama CD Pandemia of Artificial Machinery (人工械機のパンデミア Jinkoukaiki no Pandemia) was released on January 25, 2013 as part of the limited edition of Pandora of Eternal Return.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

1. Don Giovanni
2. Die Zauberflöte
3. Requiem
4. Cosi fan tutte

Preview[edit | edit source]

In which the Super Hacker's dreams come true, and the Mad Scientist Hououin Kyouma hatches a dastardly plan. But who will win?


『STEINS;GATE 永劫回帰のパンドラ』限定版収録ドラマ試聴動画

Official preview of the Pandemia of Artificial Machinery dramaCD

Plot[edit | edit source]

1. Don Giovanni

Daru is working on the computer when Maho asks to talk with him. After checking to make sure no one else is around, she asks him if he is seeing anyone and if there is anyone he likes. Upon hearing that he does not have anyone, she starts laughing cutely. When pressed, she finally confesses that ever since she first saw Hashida Itaru she has liked him very, very much! He likes her confession so much that he asks her to repeat it. When she starts to, Kurisu barges in shouting for her to stop. Kurisu demands to know what she is doing all of the sudden. She can hardly believe that Maho would betray her…

Because she loves Hashida as well!

Mayuri and Luka enter the lab to find Daru playing on the computer. They are surprised to see Kurisu and Maho on screen just as the two declare themselves love rivals. Real Mayuri is even more surprised to see herself run in on screen and declare that she loves Daru as well. Luka is overwhelmingly flustered with embarrassment as virtual Mayuri flat-out tells Daru, "Mayushii loves you very much, Daru-kyun!" However, then Luka appears on screen as well, asking if he is no good. Real Luka is on the verge of tears, but Faris shows up on screen to declare herself as well. A second later real Faris, Moeka, and Suzuha enter the lab. They all watch virtual Faris, Suzuha, and Moeka declare their love as well.

Real Moeka starts typing furiously on her cellphone. As they start making more noise amongst themselves, even displaying the type of behavior Daru would normally be riveted by, he calls for quiet as he is at a very important point and the other lab members disperse to go eat snacks and drink tea in the living area.

Virtual Maho and Kurisu demand for Daru to choose one of them. Unable to choose just one Daru chooses to have them all, when real Kurisu enters the lab and jars his brain for being a pervert.

2. Die Zauberflöte

Apparently Daru had not really registered that the others had come in, and Kurisu is exasperated that they did not stop Daru as they set out tea and snacks. Suzuha is happy because it is the first time she gets to try tea.
Mayuri asks Daru what that was that he was playing. Daru tells them that earlier he found something interesting in the computer so he was messing around with that. Kurisu, realizing what that something must be, rushes to the computer to find that Maho had installed a copy of Amadeus on the Lab's computer. When asked by the others she explains that it is the A.I. she and Maho have been working on in the US.

When Mayuri wonders how come their voices are coming from that A.I., Kurisu explains that Amadeus is no ordinary A.I. She asks the others if the had let Maho record their brainwaves. Luka recalls that she had asked them for the sake of research samples some days before.

Kurisu exclaims in frustration at her absent senpai and explains to them that Amadeus's aim is to read human memories and more than that their thoughts as well to make an A.I. that is a complete copy of a person. Moeka is so impressed that she says, "Amazing," and Mayuri asks Kurisu to please speak in Japanese. Suzuha sums it up by querying that the A.I.'s are like persons with the exact same personality and way of thinking as them residing inside the computer. Kurisu tells her she has it right.

The labmems are impressed and Suzuha excitedly wonders about all the things Amadeus could be used for, like medicinal applications. Moeka thinks that it could be used for much more than that. Kurisu gravely agrees and tells them that that is why they have been so carefully conducting this research. She can hardly believe that Maho secretly brought it to Japan with her. …Kurisu pauses as she wonders what happened to the security code that protects the program. Daru admits that he fiddled with it a bit. Kurisu tears into him that that hacking is hardly "fiddling"! Daru self-satisfiedly hopes she won't underestimate him, leaving her growling in frustration. She says that it is at least a good thing that it was Hashida who discovered the program. At the most he would only use it for synthesizing speech in software like this. If a "certain someone" had found it he would certainly get up to something good-for-nothing with it. Mayuri asks if she is talking about Okarin, and Kurisu confirms. She tells them all that they definitely must not ever tell Okabe about Amadeus.

However, right as she is begging them, Okabe himself refuses! Poor, shocked Kurisu asks him how long he has been there. With a satisfied chuckle Okabe informs her that he has been there since she first started explaining about Amadeus. Kurisu is defeated as Okabe teasingly taunts his assistant for being a fool. She is a thousand years to early to keep something from him, this mad scientist Hououin Kyouma!

He condescendingly tells Kurisu about the greatness that could be achieved if the research of Amadeus were left to him. And for an assistant to keep such interesting research from him!
She replies by asking just how many times she has to tell him that she is not his assistant for him to get it. He waves it aside and asks where "that loliko" is. When Suzuha asks him if he means Maho, Mayuri tells him that she is sight-seeing Tokyo today, even riding the Kiji Bus. Luka sounds thrilled by the idea of riding that bus, having never had the chance before. When Moeka confesses to have never ridden it either, Faris remarks that everyone should have taken this opportunity to ride it together in that case.

Okabe, frustrated with their meandering chit-chat, interrupts. He grumbles about how "Loliko" only just joined but she is skiving on their Round Table Meeting to go sight-seeing in Tokyo! Kurisu argues that it is fine. Maho came all the way from America, so doing that much should be fine. Okabe calls it a "Round Table Meeting", but they are not going to end up having a satisfactory discussion anyway.

Okabe protests about the vital importance of the Round Table Meetings to their lab and beyond, so thinking it was alright to go carefreely sight-seeing, is a problem! As such the loliko has earned a penalty. Daru with certain perverted intentions asks Okabe if he can be the one to think up the penalty. Okabe cuts him down quickly and with a smooth air sits down at the computer to have a look at Amadeus.

Kurisu asks him what he is trying to do as she tries to stop him. Okabe with an evil chuckle tells them that the penalty he has in mind is to hear that loliko's embarrassing secrets from the A.I.. Daru simultaneously finds Okabe a brute and admires him. Kurisu breaks in to tell them that if they try to use Amadeus for such a purpose she would not forgive them. When Okabe tries to persuade, she interrupts him to tell him that of course it is not allowable.

Okabe gives in. If she says no that much then it cannot be helped. He would give up on getting Loliko's information. Kurisu is surprised, having not expected him to listen.
Okabe, however, says immediately that in exchange he would start up Assistant's A.I.! As he starts the program, Kurisu tries to stops him, telling him that he cannot do that! He cockily tells her that she should take her senpai's penalty, right? He "compliments" her on such beautiful love for her senpai. Kurisu is caught. Okabe teasingly asks her what's wrong. If she does not want to take the fall then he will start up Loliko's A.I...

Gritting her teeth in utter defeat at Okabe's hands, Kurisu apologizes aloud to her absent senpai for she is in an impossible situation.[6] As he further instructs the computer, Okabe laughs at female friendship. Daru shivers with cries of "How frightening. Truly a fiend!"

With a dramatic voice Okabe declares that here they go. "Amadeus, start up!"

3. Requiem

As Maho's Amadeus wakes up and asks where she is, Suzuha is impressed to hear Maho's voice. Okabe admits that it is certainly the loliko's voice but maintains a front of skepticism. Highhandedly, he asks the A.I. what her name is. In true Maho style she calls him out for being rude telling him that if he wants to know her name he should give his own first.

Okabe takes a hit and acknowledges that her argumentative sauciness is the same, but begins to introduce himself as Hououin Kyouma the Mad Scientist with his all usual flair. "Maho"'s highly unimpressed response riles Okabe and causes Kurisu to burst out laughing. "Maho" perks up when she hears Kurisu's voice and asks her if that "Hou-ou… something guy" is Kurisu's acquaintance and warns her about choosing who to hang out with. Kurisu affirms that lately she has been thinking that a lot as well.

Mayuri interrupts, asking Okabe if she can talk with "Maho" for awhile. Okabe encourages Mayuri to go ahead, on the condition that she asks beneficial questions. Mayuri introduces herself to "Maho". "Maho", sounding thrown off by yet another unusual acquaintance, pauses at trying to call her "Mayushii" and settles for "Shiina-san", instead. Mayuri asks her what her favorite foods are, and "Maho" tells her meat, especially rafute, which Moeka explains is an Okinawan pork dish. Mayuri tells her that her favorite food is Juicy Kaarage Number One and starts happily singing the fried chicken's jingle much to "Maho"'s awkward reaction.

When Mayuri asks if there is anything that Luka would like to ask "Maho", with much fluster Luka manages to get through introductions and ask "Maho" what type of sweets she likes. "Maho" thinks for a bit and replies that she likes chinsuko.

When Luka repeats the name slowly in question, it triggers Daru's disreputable attention, who gets Luka to repeat it until Kurisu stops them. Moeka explains that chinsuko is an Okinawan cookie made of flour, sugar, and lard, which was introduced to it by China. Originally only important nobles could eat it. When Faris impressedly remarks at how much Moeka knows, Moeka explains that she has been looking it all up on her phone. Faris tells her that next time they will hold an Okinawan Fair at the May Queen and asks her to come work there. However, Moeka politely tries to refuse. 

Suzuha speaks up for her turn to ask questions. She introduces herself as “Amane Suzuha” and asks “Maho” what her favorite weapon is. Suzuha starts gushing about her own weapons of choice. When Suzuha finally gives “Maho” a chance to respond, a rather stunned “Maho” tells Suzuha that she doesn’t know much about weapons. This prompts Suzuha to ask about her preferred camouflage gear or bikes.

Okabe breaks in to ask what they all think they are doing. Suzuka puzzledly replies that they are asking beneficial questions. However, Okabe is of a completely different opinion to them as to the beneficialness of such questions. He calls on his “My favorite right arm” to show them how it’s done. Daru leaps in with enthusiasm and introduces himself as a “nice guy” complete with height and weight info and revealing that he is no good with airplanes. When “Maho” prompts him to ask his question, he asks for the details on the color of her panties.

Silence inevitably ensues, then “Maho” asks Kurisu to call a lawyer for her. Hashida protests that it was just a joke, but Kurisu warns him to be careful since her senior would seriously do it. Daru apologizes, and Okabe laments that Daru is unuseful as well.

Okabe decides that he will have to do the job himself. Faris asks him what he is about to embark on to which he states once again that he intends to hear about this Loliko’s weaknesses and from now on turn her into his “My favorite left arm”! Noting Kurisu’s dissatisfaction, he teases Kurisu about her still having a chance to become his favorite left arm instead. Kurisu just rolls with it and gives him a tired, sarcastic laugh in @chan lingo.

Okabe turns his attention back to “Maho” with the demand that she answer all of his questions from now on, and declares, “Here we go!”

4. Cosi fan tutte

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Arpeggio of Time Rotation[edit | edit source]


Steins;Gate Drama CD Arpeggio of Time Rotation (時限輪転のアルペジオ Shigenrinten no Arpeggio) was released on September 26, 2013 as part of the limited edition of Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

1. Volspa
2. Niflheimr
3. Yggdrasill
4. Gjallarhorn

Preview[edit | edit source]


『STEINS;GATE 無限遠点のアルタイル』限定版収録ドラマ試聴動画

Official preview of the Arpeggio of Time Rotation dramaCD

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Epigraph of the Closed Curve EXTRACT SCENES Drama CD[edit | edit source]

On December 28th, 2014 at the winter Comiket 87, 5pb. released a drama CD containing extracts from the light novel Epigraph of the Closed Curve.

References[edit | edit source]

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