Episode 11
Dogma in Event Horizon
Steins Gate - 11 - Large 11
Japanese Name: 時空境界のドグマ
Romaji Translation: Jikū Kyōkai no Doguma
Release Date: June 15, 2011
Production Staff
Screenplay: Jukki Hanada
Storyboard: Shigetaka Ikeda
Director: Kouji Kobayashi
Theme Music
Opening Song: Hacking to the Gate
Ending Song: Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku
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Episode Glossary
Dogma in Event Horizon (時空境界のドグマ, Jikū Kyōkai no Doguma) is the eleventh episode of the anime adaptation of the visual novel Steins;Gate .

As the lab members prepare to transport human memories by way of a Time Leap, Okabe receives some highly disturbing news: Makise may be a SERN spy!


August 10th, 2010, 3:00 PM

Okabe, in order to get an experiment running, has Suzuha distract Mr. Braun to avoid noticing the experiment. In Mission: Impossible style, Suzuha takes off her shirt and proceeds to cover Mr. Braun's head with it. Okabe proceeds to let the experiment proceed, shaking the building, only for Mr. Braun and his daughter to notice. In the middle of the experiment, a screwdriver falls on Mr. Braun's TV remote, turning it off and suddenly stopping the experiment. At this, Okabe goes back to the TV and realizes that every time the TV is on, it shakes. Just as Okabe has an eureka moment, Mr. Braun proceeds to punch Okabe in the face. After going back to the lab members, Okabe warily reveals that Mr. Braun’s big TV was acting as the lifter that enabled D-Mails to be sent the entire time. Kurisu notes that it explains a lot, but refuses to accept Okabe's proposition of sending a human back. She does, however, get an idea and places a magazine article about her on the desk. In it, Kurisu mentions how memory, due to the electrical impulses that store it, can be transformed into computer data. She suggests substituting the idea of sending a full person back with somehow sending their memories like a D-Mail into their past self. Okabe, after talking on his phone about unveiling his new plan, tells everyone to commence Kurisu's proposition. Kurisu, however, notes that she will need many parts, and that even those might not even be enough.

While on their way to buy parts for their “Time Leap” machine, Okabe explains Kurisu's concept to Mayuri. Mayuri is apprehensive of the thought and suggests using the D-Mail instead, but Okabe thinks it might be a better idea, since the person will have all of their memories and choose not to alter their future too much. However, he does admit that if this were to occur, only the person whose memories were sent back would get a "Reading Steiner". Okabe and Mayuri then run into Moeka. After Mayuri blurts out about their “time leap” hypothesis upon being pressured into it, Okabe reluctantly reveals the concept to her, only for her to suddenly leave them. Later, they are found by Nae and Suzuha, the latter of which is now forced to go shirtless as punishment for helping with the distraction. Okabe mentions that, while in her tank top, she looks like a Street Fighter character, to which Suzuha seems to think means actual street fighting. Nae then apologizes for her dad's beating of him, but Okabe admits he had it coming for a while. After Mayuri leaves to meet up with a friend, Okabe departs as well to get the parts, but not before Suzuka reluctantly tells Okabe that Kurisu works for SERN.

After buying the parts, Okabe, choosing not to believe Suzuha, looks at what Kurisu is looking at on Daru's computer, discovering that she posts on Internet forums regularly, the same way John Titor does. After an embarrassed Kurisu gets teased by Okabe about it, he then reveals was Suzuha told him, and she denies it. Okabe converses with Kurisu about the Time Leap Machine. Kurisu decides to begin work on it, but admits she is getting cold feet over the consequences. She then decides to confess something to him. They head to the park, where Kurisu mentions how she and her father are not on the best of terms. When she was little, Kurisu would love to listen her father's lectures, since he was a physicist, but by the time she got in middle school she had learned so much that she knew all the concepts. She then began publishing her own scientific papers and met with critical acclaim. At first, her father was enthusiastic and the two regularly exchanged work. However, when Kurisu began to critique his papers to the point of correcting their flaws, he became enraged, saw her as a rival, and dropped all contact with her, then proceeded to abuse his wife and peers. She now fears her father will react negatively to her making the machine, but will proceed out of interest. Okabe tells her that he will help reconcile Kurisu's broken relationship by using the device, to which she accepts.

Mayuri is later seen carrying two heavy bags, but due to the stress she briefly drops them and begins walking aimlessly. At the lab, Kurisu begins complaining about Okabe has just eaten pudding that she had labeled "Makise" to show it was hers. Okabe says he ate it because it didn't say "Christina" just as Mayuri walks in. She explains that she has brought all of the cosplay and sleepover stuff she had planned to bring with Kurisu, and figured she would come to the lab since Kurisu was probably going to be spending the night there anyways. Kurisu says it's okay as long as Okabe leaves due to the pudding incident, resulting in more bickering. Later, Okabe is reluctantly out shopping for food for the sleepover while Kurisu and Mayuri are back at the lab. While out, he receives a threatening text message saying "You know too much" and featuring a picture of a bloody decapitated doll head. Fearing for his safety, as well as for Mayuri’s, Okabe calls the lab but gets no response. Horrified, he drops the groceries and rushes back to the lab, causing the world around him to suddenly appear white for several minutes. When he gets to the lab he finds it empty before hearing something from the bathroom. Unfortunately, when investigating the bathroom he accidently walks in on the two girls bathing.

Once they are done, both girls berate Okabe for what he did, but begin to notice that he is traumatized. Shortly afterward, Daru arrives and discovers that the lab’s computer has been unknowingly connected to SERN’s network for some time, implying that they attacked into the system. This frightens Okabe immensely, and causes him to think that SERN sent him the message.