Episode 11
Pandora of Forgotten Existence: Sealed Reliquary
SG0 - 11
Japanese Name: 存在忘却のパンドラ
Romaji Translation: Sonzai Bōkyaku no Pandora
Release Date: June 21, 2018
Production Staff
Director: Kenichi Kawamura
Theme Music
Opening Song: Fatima
Ending Song: LAST GAME
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Episode Glossary
"Pandora of Forgotten Existence: Sealed Reliquary" (存在忘却のパンドラ, Sonzai Bōkyaku no Pandora) is the eleventh episodes of the anime adaptation of Steins;Gate 0 visual novel.

The "specialist" that Maho asked to help analyze Kurisu's laptop was Itaru Hashida. Rintaro decides to speak the truth of the time leap machine so that Maho does not get any further deep. However, a disturbing shadow creeps in there again.


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TVアニメ「シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ」第11話予告

TVアニメ「シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ」第11話予告