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This article lists down the different terms and phrases used in each episode and its definition.

Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End[]

Term 1: El Psy Kongroo[]

"El Psy Kongroo" is the password that Okabe Rintaro uses whenever he ends a phone conversation pertinent to his mad endeavors. However, it is revealed that these supposed conversations he ends are simply to himself because Rintarou has his phone turned off for them. The phrase means something like "The Mind Agrees" or "The Mind is Congruous" and is supposed to be Latin, but the grammar is not correct and "El" is a definite article in several Roman languages, for example Catalan and Spanish, but not in Latin, also "congroo" in Latin is actually spelled "congruo". The phrase itself is a reference to the @channel meme "La Yohasoh Steana," and possibly something related to the real world John Titor's codeword, "Tempus edax rerum," meaning "Time, the devourer of all things." Translated as "Congroo" in the anime, the official English translation of the visual novel romanizes it as "Kongroo", which is the canon translation. Congroo is a mistranslation done with the anime -- this is supported by the video D-Mail in the final episodes coming from the e-mail address "", where the initial five letters stand for Steins Gate-El Psy Kongroo"

Term 2: "Organization"[]

This is Okabe's delusional agency involved with Committee of 300. It is supposedly a highly secret group who is sought after by many opposing organizations, whose secrets would be vital to radical change, which nobody but Okabe cares for. This is the initial irony to the series, as something initially imaginary becomes all too real.

Term 3: Metal Upa[]

Upa is a character from the fictional anime Rai-net Kakeu. The Metal Upa is one of, if not the rarest of a collectible vending Upa figure series. While the anime is considered a child's cartoon, some collect the merchandise for their rarity.

  • OOPA, or OOPArt,  is an acronym for "Out Of Place Artifact", a supposedly futuristic artifact found in an ancient archaeological site. The very existence of OOPArts might be evidence of time traveling that has happened before.
  • Oopa is an alternative spelling for Upa. Upa is considered canon.

Term 4: Alpacaman[]

This alpaca with a man's face is a character of virtual pet video game: a parody of SEGA Dreamcast software Seaman.

Term 5: Hououin Kyouma[]

The main protagonist of Steins;Gate, Okabe is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and often refers to himself under the alias of Hououin Kyouma, which is also the name he uses to introduce himself to other people. Mayuri and Daru refer to him by the nickname Okarin. He also uses this alias when browsing @channel. The literal translation is "Phoenix-Shrine Madness-of-truth."

Term 6: The Choice of Steins Gate[]

This is a phrase used by Okabe to signify the meaning of events, the phrase itself, in his own occasional confession, "doesn't really mean anything."

Term 7: Futuristic Gadget #1[]

"Future Gadget #1 Bit Particle Cannon" is one of the gadgets that Okabe and Daru made; it is nothing more than a laser gun-shaped TV remote control.

Term 8: Landlord[]

Yuugo Tennouji, the manager of a small electronics store specializing in Braun tubes (hence, Okabe's nickname to him of "Mr. Braun") and CRT-based televisions is also the property owner of the apartment. It is shown that he does not dislike Okabe, but finds his antics to be very disruptive to the property.

Term 9: Hostage[]

Explained later on in the series, Mayuri is said to be Okabe's hostage. This is because she was traumatized by her grandmother's death to the point where she would visit her grave daily during younger years. One day in 2005, Mayuri reached up towards the sky to a beam of light, and Okabe ran to hold her as he announced that he wouldn't let her go anywhere because she is his hostage—he was afraid she would be taken into the heavens and she would not be with him. It's a non-affectionate way of saying he will never have him leave her if he can help it, and he later develops the persona of Hououin Kyouma to assist in emotionally protecting her, later realizing that this is possibly detrimental to her sense of independence.

Term 10: Phone Microwave (Name Subject to Change)[]

Future Gadget #8. This is the full name of the machine used for the initial time travel-related plot in the beginning of the series. When a message is sent to the microwave from a phone, it activates it remotely. Originally designed to be a remote-controlled microwave, this became the base concept for the time machine later on.

Term 11: Gel Banana (also Gel-bana)[]

During experimentation with the Phone Microwave (Name Subject to Change), a banana teleports back to its stalk in a green, mushy form, marking the beginning of the time-themed plot.

Term 12: University Forum[]

Both Okabe and Daru are students from Tokyo Denki University, and to acquire academic units, they held a seminar on the Akihabara Techno Forum (ATF) at Dai-Building.

Episode 02: Time Travel Paranoia[]

Term 1: SCIENCY[]

SCIENCY (a parody of SCIENCE) is the most famous scientific journal magazine in the world and is the academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. At the young age of 18, Makise Kurisu's academic paper was published in the magazine's April 2010 issue, making her the youngest person to perform such a feat.

Term 2: Yanagibayashi Shrine 柳林神社[]

This is the shrine that Luka helps manage.

Term 3: Youtou Samidare[]

Replica of Katana sold at Bukiya replica weapon shop. Okabe bought it for 980 yen, but treats it as if it's a legendary blade.

Term 4: "Yep, Still a Dude."[]

In regards to Luka, talking about all his perfectly feminine qualities... but he's a guy.

Term 5: "Oh-ha~!"[]

Short for "Ohayou-gozaimasu' (Good morning), the line is said by Amane Suzuha. The greeting won the grand prize in the buzzwords contest for 2000, a decade ago, and is significant for its horrible out-of-dateness.

Term 6: @channel[]

This is the fictional equivalent to the textboard 2channel. The only mentioned tripcode user is JOHN_TITOR. People that use a name but no tripcode include Hououin Kyouma and 'KuriGohan and Kamehameha'. In the anime, JOHN_TITOR and Hououin Kyouma "age" the threads while KuriGohan "sages" them.

Term 7: JOHN_TITOR[]

According to the BBS, John Titor is a time traveler from the year 2036. The user posts on @channel about a futuristic dystopia in 2036.

Term 8: SERN[]

Short for Société Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire. A supposedly evil agency who works closely with particle manipulation, SERN is an anime counterpart to the real world CERN. In the series, SERN becomes the antagonist faction to Okabe and the lab. They are a major ruling force inJohn Titor's time.

Term 9: Dystopia[]

In reference to John Titor's time, a dystopia is a world that is put into a forced state of peace, but it's just a veiled dictatorship.

Term 10: Grandfather Paradox[]

The theory that if you were to go back in time to kill your biological grandfather, you would be from a parallel universe created by the death of your grandfather, as you would never have existed to begin with.

Term 11: World Line[]

Throughout time as a linear plane, world lines are variations of reality in which details differ from one world line to the next. There is a lot of hopping of world lines, so the more times world lines are traversed, the more varied the reality is; Okabe observes how one D-Mail can change the whole nature of the city of Akihabara. The % change in variation can be tracked by the Divergence Meter, and universal events of world lines within ranges of 1% variation are tethered to outcomes governed by Attractor Fields.

Term 12: IBN 5100[]

An old computer developed by IBM, the IBN 5100 is the in-universe equivalent. It is a computer made in 1975 that runs very simple coding that is disregarded in future computer models, causing a very short stock to have ever been produced. This apparently is imperative to the use of a time machine, as said byJohn Titor.

Term 13: Mayushii NyanNyan[]

Mayuri has a part-time position at a maid cafe as a catgirl maid, where they all say "nyan~" at the end of their sentences.

Term 14: Forbidden Secret Technique[]

Faris' ancient technique called Through Shoulder. Her mention of training at the Guiana Highlands is a reference to G-Gundam episode E18.

Episode 03: Parallel Process Paranoia[]

Term 1: HENTAI[]

In Japanese, means 'pervert.' Kurisu uses this quite often for Daru. He insists that he is not a pervert, but a perverted gentleman. Pervert gentleman is a @channel meme for harmless, mannerly pervert.

Term 2: Christina (Kurisu-tina)[]

Another name given to Kurisu by Okabe. He teases her with this name because it is slightly awkward - it is a continent-neutral name of American and Japanese origin. This is because she has been studying in America, and thought that it would be more suited for his 'international conspiracy' delusions. Other conspiracy-related women include Sara, Claudia, and Simone.

Term 3: Labo-Mem (Laboratory Member)[]

The members of the "Future Gadget Lab"; Okabe formally inducts each one personally.

Term 4: The Zombie[]

One of the many names given to Kurisu by Okabe, due to seeing her dip her finger into a gel-bana and taste its contents for analysis. One could suggest that he enjoys teasing her. From Okabe's perspective, this name is retroactively fitting as she was, in a sense, "resurrected" after being stabbed.

Term 5: Time Machine[]

Unlike traditional time machines, the Phone Microwave is only capable of sending a small amount of data as text back into the past; any larger object sent back would become torn apart at the molecular level (hence the gel bananas).

Term 6: Shining Finger[]

In reference to the Kung Fu skill from the protagonist of Gundam G series, this is the nickname given to Kiryu Moeka by Okabe because of her high-speed cell phone-typing skill.

Easter egg: The voice actor of Daru had shouted "Shining Finger!" in Gundam G.

Term 7: Sanbo[]

Name of a beef bowl (gyuudon) stand in Akihabara. Being known as Akihabara geeks' favorite, it even has its own Japanese Wikipedia entry. No cell phones, no headphones, and no questions are the rules of the shop.

Term 8: LHC (Large Hadron Collider)[]

This is a device used by both real-world CERN and fictional SERN to collide atoms in an attempt to create extreme forces of energy for scientific research. It's the scientific way of "knocking things together until something interesting happens," including generation of a micro-black hole. It runs underground in a ring. In Steins;Gate, the black holes it generates are used to send people and information back through time.

Term 9: Canned Oden[]

In Japan, there are vending machines nearly everywhere for convenience. This does not only include drinks, but quick soup as well; canned oden is a local specialty of Akihabara.

Term 10: Rai-Net Sausage[]

Merchandise of the fictional anime series Rai-net Kakeru.

Term 11: "Human is dead, mismatch"[]

During Daru's investigation, a search on missing persons in SERN's database shows articles involving particular test subjects being transported back in time and torn apart at the molecular level; each subject this happens to has his/her file branded with this phrase.

Episode 04: Interpreter Rendezvous[]

Term 1: Faris NyanNyan[]

Pink haired girl, inheritant of Akiba city. She works in the same maid cafe as Mayuri and is a friend of Daru and Okarin. Daru looks up to her as the only 3D woman with a 2D soul. She often ends her sentences with the phrase(s) "Nyan-nyan" And wears cat ears (as they appear to be). These are all because of her personality of wanting to act like a cat.

Term 2: Rai-Net Dash (Rai-net Kakeru)[]

Fictional anime series. The story of 13 episodes is introduced in the original game Steins;Gate. The story revolves around an elementary-school hero Kakeru who fights online battles against evil hackers, with his girlfriend Kirari-chan and his legendary Monster-Program called Upa.

Term 3: Tennouji Nae[]

The docile only daughter of Tennouji Yuugo. She treats Mayuri as her older sister, and when the two meet, they often say "Tutturu" at the same time. She really loves her father and is frightened by Daru and Okabe.

Term 4: "I'm a full-fledged soldier"[]

"I'm a grown-up and a soldier" is the subber's mistranslation.

Term 5: Stardust Handshake[]

Something that Mayuri does sometimes, she looks to the sky and places her hand towards the sun. She's done this since her grandmother died.

Term 6: Faris Cup[]

In the maid cafe, there is a tournament for Rai-net Access Battlers, a computer-themed boardgame in which the winner gets to request Faris do anything for them. RNAB is considered to be an arranged version of german boardgame Geister!.

Term 7: G-BACK[]

Okabe's strategy of winning his match Rai-net Access Battlers against Faris. As their agreement was for Faris to tell Okabe what she knew about the IBN-5100 if Okabe joined her in a match, G-Back, or 自爆 (pronounced jibaku, trans: suicide-bombing), ensures that their game ends quickly.

Episode 05: Starmine Rendezvous[]

Term 1: Your Chest is Getting Hot, Isn't It?[]

Term 2: That's why we love him. []

An @channel meme taken from manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Vol.1. The full phrase is "That's just what you'd expect from Dio! He does something we never could! That's why we love him! That's why we adore him!!"

Term 3: Fireworks[]

A device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations. The significance of this is that Suzuha, being from the dystopian future, has never actually seen them before, as all types of explosions she is familiar with have caused her and her allies grief.

Term 4: Lab Coat[]

Token item of clothing for any scientist.

Term 5: Virus Card[]

A card piece used in the imaginary board game Rai-net Access Battlers. Player loses when he/she captures four enemy Virus cards.

Term 6: Dk. Pepper[]

The drink of scientists and high-minded people alike. (obviously parody of Dr. Pepper as it is pronounced the same)

It is referred to as Dr. People in the Visual Novel.

Term 7: Z-Program[]

The series of experiments SERN is performing at the LHC, using the particle accelerator to transport hopeful people back through time.

Term 8: Lifter[]

A triangular flight device that achieves lift by ionizing air molecules, forcing them through its central electromagnetic axis. It functions as a part of the phone-microwave/time-machine in the form of a 42" cathode ray tube (CRT) television, coincidentally placed beneath the floor of the Future Gadget Lab directly under the microwave.

Term 9: Jellyman's Report[]

The anonymous writer of the SERN time-travel reports involving "mismatched" individuals. Or perhaps named because these "mismatched" individuals listed in these reports have all turned to jelly (gel).

Term 10: Laegjarn's Chest[]

Also known as Pandora's Box. Okabe used this to name the Future Gadget Lab's operation that aims to extract information from SERN's computers.

Term 11: Singular Point[]

A point in time and space selected for existing. Once you pass the point, the functions of time and space are switched. In other words, your time is stretched eternally and you can't escape from the point.

Episode 06: Butterfly Effect's Divergence[]

Term 1: Round-Table Meeting[]

A term meaning that members of a group will equally discuss a subject as peers to solve a problem or examine as situation - their table is rectangle, so it's funny. A reference to Arthurian Legend.

Term 2: Nostalgia Drive (Nostalgic Journey that Crosses Over Time)[]

NOSTALGIA DRIVU~ is a fancy term Okabe coined for the e-mails that they plan to send back in time. Because of his unusual naming sense, his suggestion was rejected by majority vote, and Kurisu's suggestion — D-Mail — ends up being chosen as the term to be used for subsequent experiments.

Term 3: The Mail that Leapt Through Time[]

This is Daru's suggestion for a name that would describe the e-mails they send back in time. The phrase is in fact a reference to the movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", a story of a girl who is able to travel back in time. The movie is sad.

Term 4: D-Mail[]

Kurisu's suggestion for the term to be used for the messages they send back in time. It is a shortcut of Mayuri's suggestion "DeLorean Mail" and it eventually becomes the "official" term the Future Gadget Lab would use to pertain to the messages. DeLorean is a reference to the Back to the Future movie series, wherein the car used by the main characters is a DeLorean DMC-12.

Term 5: Operation Urd (Norn of the Past)[]

Operation Urd pertains to the experiment which attempts to revitalize the project that involves sending messages back in time. Urd comes from the Norse Goddess of the same name who governs the past; she also has two sisters named Verthandi and Skuld. Of course, Okabe was the one who created the name.

Term 6: Kerr Black Hole[]

This is a black hole that spins; most black holes do not have an axis, as they 'suck in' all matter and space, practically folding in on themselves (not to be confused with collapsing). A Kerr Black Hole rotates on its axis as it pulls anything, but rather than puling matter immediately into it, it can somewhat orbit matter around itself infinitely. This is why it is associated with time travel, as supposedly the more you can approach the speed of light, the slower time becomes - if you were to somehow go faster than light, time could be transversed in either direction.

Term 7: Event Horizon[]

Basically, the "point of no return" around a black hole - nothing can escape the gravitational pull, not even light. This is the location in which nothing can affect anything outside.

Term 8: My Favorite Right Arm (Dependence on One's Right Arm)[]

In other words, something that cannot be replaced and is absolutely vital. A term to refer to an irreplaceable and useful ally.

Term 9: Super Hacka[]

Daru, self proclaimed "Super Hacker", is called "Super Hacka" by Okabe. The western meme equivalent would be to refer to an internet hacker as 'hax0r', which can be further leetspeaked.

Term 10: Yuri Field[]

Term used by Okabe to describe Mayuri comforting Kurisu when she bumped her head. Yuri is a Japanese term usually reserved for Anime and Manga that roughly translates to "Girls Love" or a sexual/romantic lesbian relationship between two female characters.

Episode 07: Divergence Singularity[]

Term 1: Phone Microwave Second Edition Version 1.03[]

The latest version of Okabe and Itaru's Phone Microwave (temporary name), with name invented by the latter. Unlike the previous version, it can now send messages from any phone using the cellphone that comes with the Phone Microwave. However, it can no longer cook anything, even gel bananas.

Term 2: Celebrity Seventeen[]

Kurisu is given yet another nickname by Okabe in this episode: Celeb 17 (or Celebrity 17). It pertains to Kurisu's well-to-do lifestyle (living in a hotel using her parents' money) that is unusual for someone of her age. Kurisu points out that she is eighteen, not seventeen...

Term 3: Sweets[]

Mass media outlets like magazines, TV programs, and so on called sweet treat like cakes "sweets" in a special topic of gourmet for women in 2007 in Japan. Such a term was not popular in Japan until then. It was the buzz term used by the media.  Men mocked women manipulated by the term the media made. [External Link]

Term 4: Upa Cushion[]

One of the many items that can be found inside the Future Gadget Lab, the Upa Cushion is recommended by Mayuri for people who feel down or is stressed. According to her, a quick squeeze of the soft plush doll from the Rai-Net Kakeru merchandise is enough to soothe one's mind.

Term 5: Tsundere[]

Roughly translates to "hot and cold". It is a term used to describe people (especially women) who act hostile or cold (tsun) and often later show their warm and loving side (dere) towards people of the opposite sex. Example: "It's not like I wanted to see you or anything."

Episode 08: Chaos Theory Homeostasis I[]

Term 1: Reading Steiner[]

The ability of Okabe to retain all of his previous memories after a change in worldline divergence. Activates after sending a D-mail, but only if the D-mail affects the past.

Term 2: Kirari-chan[]

She is the girlfriend of Kakeru, the protagonist of a fictional anime series called Rai-Net Dash (Rai-Net Kakeru).

Term 3: Flat is Justice[]

Something Mayuri said to Luka when he was (forcibly) wearing a cosplay that Mayuri made. Luka (being a guy, despite his feminine appearance) has a flat chest, and It was said by Mayuri in an attempt to calm him down. However, this only made him feel more uncomfortable.

Term 4: Low-angler[]

A certain photographer that targets cosplayer's lower part or even from below and photograph them.

Term 5: Venomous Radiowave[]

Term 6: Pocket Pager[]

Urushibara Luka (the guy more feminine than any woman) wants to send a D-Mail to his mother in order to change his gender, but at the time of his mother mobile phones didn't exist yet. However, there were pagers. Daru converted the message to numbers and sent it to Luka's mother using the "Phone Microwave (Name Subject to Change". The message was: "Eat vegetables for a healthy child" because Luka believed that if a pregnant woman ate a lot of vegetables, she would have a girl, and if meat - a boy.

Term 7: EatVegitablesForAHealthyChild[]

Possibly a typographical error for "Eat vegetables for a healthy child". This was the mail sent by Urushibara Luka to her mother using Okabe's D-mail invention to change her gender (from being male to a female). However, due to it's limitations, as tested by Makise Kurisu, spaces between words have been omitted to send the full message to Luka's mother's pager (cellphones weren't so popular in the time of Luka's mother's pregnancy).

Term 8: 'Home again, home again, jiggity-jig'.[]

In the dubbed version, Mr. Braun speaks this phrase as he steps out of the delivery truck. It is a direct reference to 'Blade Runner'; one of J. F. Sebastian's 'toys' says 'Home again, home again, jiggity-jig' when he enters his apartment.

Episode 09: Chaos Theory Homeostasis II[]

Term 1: Cosplay[]

Cosplay is a type of performance art where participants wear costumes to represent a specific character. Mayuri's hobby is creating costumes for cosplay, and she gets excited at the opportunity to involve any of her fellow lab members. Makise Kurisu occasionally hints at her interest, as she is what many would call a 'Closet Otaku', but she is always quick to brush it off.

Term 2: Physical Time Travel[]

Refers to the hypothetical theory of traveling time and space with the traveller's physical body. For example, Okabe, when he uses the Time Leap, travels with his mind and sends the information to the Okabe on the other world line altering the latter's memories. But if he used the methods of physical time travel (which is proven impossible in any terms) the Okabe from the original world line would vanish because his body (or to be exact, his very existence) would have already left that world line.

Term 3: Gel-Okabe[]

Term 4: Neler (@channeler)[]

Term 5: Butterfly Effect[]

It means that one little thing can have huge consequences, using the butterfly as a example, it's said that the flap of a butterfly's wing can influence the direction of a supposedly oncoming hurricane far away

Term 6: The people are like garbage[]

A line from "Castle in the Sky (1986)" directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Term 7: Akiha Rumiho[]

Akiha Rumiho (秋葉 留美穂) is Faris NyanNyan's real name. In the some of the spinoff Visual Novels, it is revealed that Faris is very self-conscious about this name, and only allows a select few people to use it.

Term 8: Nakano[]

Term 9: 'Could you be more of a Wesley?' (Dub)[]

Owing to Okabe's usual stubbornness, Kurisu calls him a 'Wesley'. This is a reference to Wesley Crusher from Star Trek TNG; furthermore Okabe's comments afterwords when he calls Kurisu 'Madame Next Gen' and says 'Going too boldly, I am?' at her retort, as well as calling her Nurse Chapel (who was portrayed by Majel Roddenberry, wife of Gene Wesley Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek), all pay homage to Star Trek and TNG as well. There is also a subtle hint of foreshadowing with this clever quip; Wesley was often considered infantile and annoying (like Okabe), and yet he served as a 'deux ex machina' of sorts on multiple occasions in TNG - this direct analogy belies Okabe's role as the 'savior' (as mentioned previously by John Titor).

Episode 10: Chaos Theory Homeostasis III[]

Term 1: Bla-Chu (Blood Tune the Animation)[]

Term 2: Mongolian blue spot (Mole)[]

Mongolians are born with a blue spot on the back which eventually disappears after a few years.

Term 3: Actually a Guy[]

Refers to the fact that Luka is a male, despite his female appearance.

Term 4: Operation Eldhrimnir[]

Eldhrimnir is the cauldron that Andhrimnir, cook of the gods, uses to prepare meals for the Norse Gods.

Term 5: Offline Meeting[]

A meeting thet held by a certain online group in real life. In this episode, the meeting is about a Time Machine which held by a Sci-Fi BBS group which Daru was in

Term 6: Apple Pie[]

Term 7: Moad Snake[]

Future Gadget #4. Kurisu recognizes the shape as a Claymore mine, but it is actually a "super-instant humidifier". Luka accidentally sets it off and it covers the entire Future Gadget lab in a heavy fog.

Term 8: Once Again I've Connected Something Useless, by Goemon[]

Future Gadget #5, a powerful vacuum cleaner that acts as a dryer. Using this triggers the circuit breaker if any other appliances are also in use.

The name is a reference to Goemon (from the Lupin III franchise)'s most famous quote: "Once again, I've cut something worthless".

Term 9: Barrel Titor[]

Suzuha's father, at least his name in Valkyrie resistance.

Episode 11: Dogma in Event Horizon[]

Term 1: 42" CRT[]

Refers to a large CRT-based television in Tennouji Yuugo's shop.

Term 2: Time Leap[]

A modification made to the "Phone Microwave (name subject to change)", allows Okabe to send his current memories to himself in the past without changing world lines. This is highly used and specified in the series of deaths of Mayuri, where Okabe tries to prevent her death by using the "time leap". He goes back at least three hours before the time of Mayuri's previous death but his efforts turned out to be futile. He continues to use the Time Leap in a desperate attempt to save Mayuri but ends up being unable to prevent her death countless times.

Term 3: Operation Verthandi("Norn of the Present")[]

The operation to create the Time Leap Machine. Verthandi is a figure of Norse Mythology, and is also known as the "Goddess of Fate." she is often referred to along with the beings Urðr and Skuld, (also terms thrown around by Okabe) and the three of them were tasked with deciding the fates of people.

Term 4: Layer[]


Term 5: Comima[]

Short for comic market. Comima is a manga convention held twice a year at the Tokyo big site building. As the name suggest its a huge place with lots of manga booths. especially doujinshis (fan made manga). The title is a play on words with real-life equivalent term and convention Comiket.

Term 6: "Nullpo" > "Ga!"[]


Term 7: "Anchor at VIP"[]

Term 8: You know too much.[]

A message by an "unknown" member of SERN which was sent to Okabe after the development of the time leap machine. An attachment comes with the message, it is a picture of bloody beheaded doll head,

Episode 12: Dogma in Ergosphere[]

Term 1: Time Leap Machine[]

A modification made to the "Phone Microwave (name subject to change)", allowing the user to send his current memories to himself in the past, it's not the same as the D-mail because Okabe stays in the same world line when he uses this.

Term 2: Heidegger[]

"Time is not a thing, thus nothing which is, and yet it remains constant in its passing away without being something temporal like the beings in time"  -Martin Heidegger

Term 3: Cyalume Saber[]

Future gadget N°1, Mayuri use it as a light source.

Term 4: "Kaichuu" Pocket Watch[]

The pocket watch Mayuri kept everytime. It was once her grandmother's pocket watch.

Episode 13: Metaphysics Necrosis[]

Term 1: Grandmother[]

Term 2: Rembrandt Ray[]

Term 3: Mad Scientist[]

Okabe Rintaro, Self-proclaimed Mad Scientist. 

Term 4: Development Conference[]

Episode 14: Physically Necrosis[]

Term 1: Ark Rewrite[]

The journal where Moeka works (fictional).

Term 2: My Fork[]

The writers of this show have a tendency to develop highly complex story-lines, and then only hint to them in the actual main story. As a way for Makise Kurisu to understand that Okabe time-leaped back a few hours prior to Mayuri's death, she tells Okabe that she needs a "fork" to go with her "spoon" in the present, so that when he time-leaps back, she'll believe that Okabe came back from the future to save Mayuri. What was revealed in one of the later visual novels is that the spoon was a gift from Makise Kurisu's father, a figure who spent much of her life psychologically abusing her. To Makise, the spoon is a way of telling herself that her father really does love her.

Term 3: Rounders[]

Sleeper agents and assassins that informally work for SERN. On the paper, they are a completely different and independent organization. They are organized, but independent. Their missions is to secure any IBN 5100 all around the world and find scientist that works on time travel theories, force them to work with SERN or else assasinate them.

Term 4: Divergence[]

The point where two world lines or attractor fields separate into two different paths.

Term 5: Nixie Tube[]

Glass tubes with neon lights that display a number, usually time. They contain anodes and cathodes that change to match the time, or in this case, world lines. They are used in Okabe's Divergence Meter.

Term 6: Alpha Worldline, Beta Worldline[]

By using the first D-mail to undo the death of Makise Kurisu after seeing that she had been stabbed and was bathing in a pool of blood, Okabe created another world line, known as the Alpha world line, different from his original world line. The Beta world line is Okabe's "original" world line and crossing the 1% divergence barrier is the only way to get back there.

Episode 15: Missing Link Necrosis[]

Term 1: Resistance[]

Refers to the anti-dystopia opposition group founded by Daru and Okabe in 2036 in the Alpha worldline after escaping from SERN.

Term 2: KuriGohan and Kamehameha[]

KuriGohan and Kamehameha (栗悟飯とカメハメ波) is the online alias of Makise Kurisu used on @Channel. Probably a reference to Dragon Ball's characters, Kuririn (Krillin) and Gohan, and the famous attack Kamehameha.

Term 3: Bamboo-Copter Camera[]

It is Future Gadget #2,Alt. Edition Version 2.67 invented by Okabe and Daru. Unfortunately this gadget has a problem with a spinning CCD camera.

Episode 16: Sacrificial Necrosis[]

Term 1: Suzu's Father[]

He is Barrel Titor, more commonly known as Hashida Itaru. "Barrel" is literary translated as "TARU" in Japanese. This was first noticed by Mayuri saying that "taru" sounds like "Daru" and the word barrel, meaning fat or chubby, also describes his figure.

Term 2: FG204[]

Future Gadget No. 204 

Term 3: Hashida Suzu[]

After Amane Suzuha travels back to 1975 in order to obtain an IBN 5100, she changes her name to Hashida Suzu. This is because Suzuha traveled back in the time machine that Daru tried to repair, but did not repair successfully, causing her to obtain amnesia as soon as she arrived in 1975. Hashida Suzu was the only thing she could remember, so she called herself that until she regained her memories in 2000.

Term 4: Yamanote Line[]

One of Tokyo's most important rapid transit circuits. The circuit consists of 29 stations around the city, among them the Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro stations.

Episode 17: Made in Complex[]

Term 1: Attractor Field[]

The invisible power that governs the events of world lines with a divergence number within 1% of universal historical changes. Despite relatively minor changes in history, every world line will obey the same destiny, such as the deaths of certain individuals at certain times, by any means. Okabe is currently trapped in a world line governed by the alpha attractor field (0%<α<1%), in which Mayuri is governed by the attractor field to die within a certain time frame. Okabe needs to cause a massively significant change in history to break the 1% divergence barrier to reach the Beta world line (1%<β<2%), in which Mayuri will not die. He was originally moved to the Alpha line through his D-Mails.

Term 2: Rai-Net ABGC[]

Abbreviation for Rai-Net Access Battle grand championship

Term 3: Viral Attackers[]

A shady group of Rai-Netters that fought Faris in the final of Rai-Net ABGC, often seen wearing black and dark colored clothes.

Term 4: 4°C/Sid[]

The Leader of Viral Attackers. In the anime adaptation, he is only heard and does not appear directly.

Term 5: Akiha Yukitaka[]

He is Faris NyanNyan's father.

Episode 18: Fractal Androgynous[]

Term 1: Flag[]

Often used to refer things/acts that will trigger a certain event. For example, a Romance Flag is where you triggered a Romantic act / thing that leads you to a Romantic event.

Term 2: Operation Valkyria[]

The operation name was declared by Kurisu. The target of this operation is Okabe has to go to date with Luka in this worldline before undoing Luka's D-mail. While Okabe took Luka around Akihabara, Kurisu and Daru followed to monitor them.

Term 3: Date Manual[]

A manual about going out for date. Kurisu bought them since neither Okabe, Daru, and Kurisu herself has any real date experience. So she planned Okabe's date with Luka according the manual.

Term 4: 2929831831...[]

2 as "ni" (in japanese), 9 as "ku" (kyuu in japanese, sometimes read as "ku"), 8 as "ya" (in japanese), 3 as "sa" (from "san" in japanese), 1 as "i" (from "ichi" in japanese). So it's "Niku niku yasai yasai" (Niku is "Meat" , Yasai is "Vegetables" both in japanese). It's said that an incoming baby is more likely to be born as a boy if the mother eats lots of meat.

Episode 19: Endless Apoptosis[]

Term 1: Suicide[]

This refers to the suicide of Kiryu Moeka. She hangs herself in her apartment after not receiving any messages from FB despite her attempts to contact him for four days. Since Okabe needed her cell phone, he time leaps back a few days before her death in order to obtain it.

Term 2: New Cell-Phone[]

This is related to the D-mail that Kiryu Moeka sent to her past self that told her to get a new cellphone. She also sent another mail in quick succession that said, "The IBN 5100 is in Yanabayashi Shrine. Recover it immediately." The second message was the one that Okarin need to undo to get closer to the Beta world line. Okabe only succeeds in undoing this in the next episode when he sends the D-mail from FB's phone since he is the only person Moeka would have trusted.

Episode 20: Finalize Apoptosis[]

Term 1: M4[]

The codename that FB gave to Kiryu Moeka. Only FB knows of this codename.

Term 2: FB[]

Codename for the leader of the Akihabara Rounders. It stands for Ferdinand Braun, the inventor of Braun Tubes. Rintaro has adopted the name for Yugo Tennouji, his landlord.

Term 3: First D-mail[]

It was sent in the first episode by Okabe to Daru while his phone was connected to the phone microwave. The message was "Someone stabbed Makise Kurisu..." It's existence caused Okabe to shift from the Beta world line into the Alpha world line.

Term 4: Beta Worldline[]

The first worldine that Okabe was the world where the series first started. It is one where Makise Kurisu dies and WWIII eventually starts, a worldline that was original thought to have a peaceful future. The only way to prevent WWIII is to prevent her death.

Term 5: Database[]

The SERN's database, where the first D-Mail is stored.

Episode 21: Paradox Meltdown[]

Term 1: Cracking[]

Term 2: Dr. Nakabachi Conference[]

The conference at the Radio Building that Okabe and Mayuri attended in the Beta timeline. This is also the conference where Makise Kurisu is killed.

Term 3: Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryu, Byakko[]

The Chinese mythology legend where the North, South, East and West are governed by animals. These animals are "Gods" and they govern the four alchemy elements.

Genbu- The Black Tortise;  governs the North, Winter, and Water.

Suzaku- The Vermillion Phoenix; governs the South, Summer, and Fire.

Seiryu- The Azure Dragon; governs the East, Wood, and Spring.

Byakko- The White Tiger; governs the West, Metal, and Autumn.

These guardians could also be a reference to the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Okabe uses these terms as "Generals", as stated by Mayuri when she recalled the times she and Okabe had when it was just them in the Future Gadget Lab. 

Term 4: Mayuri's Dreams[]

Mayuri has dreams in which she always dies in all sorts of horrible ways. showing that she remembers every time she died when Okarin was trying to save her from the inevitable death that awaited her in the Alpha world line. Okabe attempted to rescue her through Time Leaping multiple times to a few hours before her death in order to prevent it although to no avail.

Episode 22: Being Meltdown[]

Term 1: Sewing Kit[]

A small set of tools that can be used for sewing. Kurisu's consists of black, red, & pink string; a needle (perhaps several); and possibly other items that are currently unknown. Kurisu uses this kit to stitch together a small rip in Okabe's White Lab Coat. 

Term 2: 1% Barrier[]

Okabe needed the divergence meter to read a value greater than 1% because it would mean that he is back in the Beta world line. In the Alpha world line, it is <1% and Mayuri keeps on dying in those worlds no matter how hard Okabe tries to stop her death.

Term 3: Relativity Theory[]

The most famous Einstein's theory, Kurisu use it metaphorically to say time can passes at different speeds.

Term 4: Operation Verthandi ("Norn of the Present")[]

The Future Gadget Lab's mission that will move from the Alpha attractor to the Beta attractor field by erasing all the previously sent D-Mails

Episode 23: Open the Steins Gate[]

Term 1: The Third World War[]

The war fought in the Beta Timeline (sans Steins;Gate timeline) over Makise Kurisu's time travel thesis 

Term 2: Steins Gate[]

The worldline that resides between the Alpha and Beta attractor fields. Because of this, it is exempt from events that occur in either field. It's Divergence value is 1.048596%. Since it is not affected by either attractor fields, Mayuri and Kurisu do not die and neither SERN dystopia or WW3 happen.

Term 3: Serious Paradox[]

Amane Suzuha warns Okabe that if he sees his past self, he'll cause a major time paradox. This could be related to tearing the fabrics of time and space. (Suzuha is wrong about it as no Paradox is possible in this story, but it stems from her ignorance of the attractor field theory as opposed to her much more 'savant' self of the alpha attractor field. It's because in the Beta worldline, SERN does not win and cannot 'prove' the attractor field theory... neither Okabe nor Daru seemingly know that paradoxes are impossible either and they would be the ones most apt to brief her about the operation).

Term 4: Doctor Nakabachi[]

He is Makise Kurisu's father and is possibly the one who stabbed her in the first episode. In previous episodes, it has been revealed by Kurisu that they have a horrible relationship due to her superior intelligence and his jealousy for her. He also stole the time machine paper that Kurisu wrote in the beginning, published it under his name only, and brought it to Russia where a race to create a time machine began.

Term 5: Movie Mail[]

In the first episode, right after hiding from Kurisu, Okarin recieves a strange video message, which he can't view. In episode 23 he finds out that he can view the message after failing to rescue Makise Kurisu once. It turns out that the message was created by Okarin himself 15 years in the future.

Term 6: C204[]

In the Beta world line, Okabe creates a time machine in 2025. It has the ability to travel both forward and backward through time. Amane Suzuha arrives in Akihabara in 2010 in this time machine. With the goal of stopping World War III, she travels back in time to recruit Okabe to save Kurisu. Okabe names this machine C204, the "C" refers to Kurisu (Christina); her death in the Beta world line and his desire to save her is the driving force behind his creation of the time machine.

This is also a reference to the "real world" John Titor, who claims that his time machine is called the C204.

Term 7: Operation Skuld ("The Goddess that Governs the Future" Operation)[]

The operation involves Okabe seeing Makise Kurisu lying in a pool of blood, destroying the document about time machines (which Kurisu wrote), and prevent World War III, Okarin has to trick himself in thinking that Kurisu is actually dead, and he has to trick the World itself in order to save her.

Episode 24: The Prologue Begins With the End[]

Term 1: Cyalume Saber[]

Future Gadget #6, 'Cyalume Saber'. It contains a red liquid that Okabe will later use to fool his past self into thinking it is the blood of Makise Kurisu. Unfortunately it hasn't been used in a long time that the air had caused the red liquid to solidify. 

Term 2: Upa[]

Upas are those spherical toys that look like bears. They are from the fictional Rai Net Access series. Okabe bought the Metal Upa for Mayuri in the first episode of the series. This is significant because the Metal Upa was dropped by Mayuri in one of the Beta world lines and later picked it up by Makise Kurisu who placed it in the envelope with her time travel thesis. The thesis was to be stolen by Dr. Nakabachi and taken to Russia, but in the other world lines, the Metal Upa set off the metal detector, thus saving the paper from an on-board fire. By buying the Metal Upa, Okabe counterpart in the current time line bought Mayuri a Green Upa instead of a Metal Upa so that it would be picked up by Kurisu later on. Since the Green Upa is not made of metal, the metal detector wasn't set off and the thesis was burned in the plane, preventing World War III.

Term 3: Uncle's Theory[]

Term 4: Lab Member No.008[]

Refers to Amane Suzuha who is going to be born 7 years after the story time line in 2017.

Term 5: OSHMKUFA 2010[]

Okabe; Shiina; Hashida; Makise; Kiryu; Urushibara; Faris; Amane