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The inside of the Future Gadget Lab.

The Future Gadget Lab is a pseudo-organization founded by Rintaro Okabe in the year 2010. It is located in Akihabara, in an apartment rented from Yugo Tennouji above the Braun Tube Workshop.


According to Okabe, the main objective of the Future Gadget Lab is the creation of the so-called "Future Gadgets", that are to be used to plunge the world into chaos. In actuality, however, the Future Gadget Lab does not have any particular objective, and simply acts as a gathering place for Okabe Rintaro and his group of friends. The Future Gadgets are just simple inventions with various inoffensive uses.

The "Round Table Conferences" are periodical events in which the members of the lab get together to discuss recent developments.

List of members[]

The members of the Future Gadget Lab are referred to by the term "Lab Mem", an abbreviation of "Laboratory Member".

List of Future Gadgets[]

Number Name[2] Picture Information
1 Bit Particle Gun
Futuregadget 01 01.png
A toy gun modified to act as a TV remote. However, only the Channel + button works.

Its name is a reference to the in-universe anime "Mobile Jacket Gunbam".

2 Bamboo Helicam
Futuregadget 02 01.png
A camera attached to a bamboo toy helicopter. It is able to record aerial footage, though the resulting image will be constantly rotating.

Its name comes from the in-universe manga "22 Emon".

3 Could This Be Ora Ora!?
Would it be a ORA ORA.jpg
A lie detector based on the sweat on someone's thumb, though its more of a sweat detector than anything else.

Its name is a reference to the in-universe manga "Juju's Delicate Adventure".

4 Moad Snake
Futuregadget 04 01.png
An instant humidifier capable of generating insane amounts of steam in seconds.

Its name is a reference to the in-universe video game "Metal Moa Solid: Rising".

5 Once again, I made something worthless, by Goemon
Futuregadget05 01.png
A combination of a dryer and a vacuum.

Its name is a reference to the in-universe anime "Lupants the Third".

6 Cyalume Saber
Futuregadget06 01.png
An imitation of one of the lightsabers from the popular in-universe movie franchise "Spark Wars". It can also produce fake blood for added realism to the recreation of fights from the movies.
7 Ghost in the Ball
A combination of several CRT monitors in the form of a sphere. Intended as optical camouflage, though its size make it inconvenient to use.

Inspired by the in-universe manga "Ghost in the Husk".

8 PhoneWave (Name subject to change)
Futuregadget08 01.png
Main article: PhoneWave

A modified microwave with a mobile phone attached. It can be commanded to warm food from a distance. Through serendipity, it also can send messages to the past.

C193 Time Machine (Prototype)
First prototype of the Time Machine, FG-C193 is also the only one Equipped with the Kerr Black Hole tracer, which Okabe uses to track down Mayuri and Suzuha.
204 Time Machine
Main article: FG204

A functional Time Machine.

Official website[]

As part of the promotional material for the Steins;Gate anime adaptation, a website for the Future Gadget Lab replicating the one seen in the visual novel was created, showcasing the Future Gadgets and Rintaro's fantasies.

It is worth noting that while two versions of the website exist, one in English and one in Japanese, the English website is very poorly written and contains many grammatical errors—this is a reference to how none of the members of the lab at the time of the website's creation knew any language other than Japanese.

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  1. Though never actually acknowledged as a Lab Mem in either the visual novels or the anime, several promotional material showcases Yuki as one.
  2. Names of gadgets and homages taken from the English localization of Steins;Gate