Itaru Hashida (橋田 至, Hashida Itaru) is an experienced hacker in both software and hardware technologies. He is also well-versed in things pertaining to otaku culture. Okabe and Mayuri call him by the nickname "Daru". In chapter 6, it was introduced by Mayuri that if you said "Hashida Itaru" ten times, the pronunciation of "Titor" would appear, which explains why he goes by the name of Barrel Titor in 2025.

He is Lab Member 003, having joined before the events of the series.


Daru full profile

Daru full profile.

Daru is short and obviously overweight, something few characters have taken notice of during the course of the story and later becoming a significant plot point.

Daru always wears a dark green/olive t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans along with his signature yellow cap. In one of the anime episodes, Daru is seen wearing a yellow Hawaiian shirt.


Daru is obsessed and extremely talented with programs and computers, capable of hacking into the mainframes of top-secret organizations and processing complex computer codes. He is very proficient with the IBN5100, though is unable to make out any of the information he dug up due to his lack of skill in English.

Like Okabe, he enjoys making Future Gadgets, but is not as enthusiastic and has voiced his desire to sell them for money briefly in the visual novel. Daru is apparently bad when it comes to naming, as he would always add an irrelevant model serial and version number to the end of the gadget's name. He has a habit of finding something perverted on what the others are saying.

Despite his perverted tendencies and obsessions with anime and gadgets, Daru is easily one of the more down-to-earth members of the lab, rivalled only by Kurisu. It's usually up to him to be Okabe's voice of reason when his 'mad scientist' antics get out of control, such as when he tried to calm him down when he was shocked to see Kurisu alive and well.

He supposedly has an obsession with both 2D and 3D girls and is a big fan of Faris. Daru supposedly possesses rich knowledge when it comes to dating, as he gave Okabe "advices" on his upcoming date with Ruka, though Okabe claimed that Daru was just using experience from his H-games, and does not have any real "skills".

History & PlotEdit

He and Rintaro have apparently known each other for more than two years, though Daru himself claimed their friendship has only been a year old. Itaru doesn't mind when he is called "Super Hacker" but doesn't like it when people misspell it as "Hacka", a common mispronunciation that Rintaro uses most of the time. Daru only joined the Lab when Okabe told him that the maid cafe was just a 3 minute walk from the Future Gadget Lab.

Like Rintaro, he is a first year at Tokyo Denki University. It is later revealed in the series that he is the father of Suzuha. In the Alpha world line, he and Rintaro became founders of the Valkyrie, a resistance against SERN and the Committee of 300. He met his wife, Yuki Amane, a famous cosplayer, in the 2011 Winter Comiket after escaping from the SERN headquarters. After Rintaro was murdered in 2025 by a Rounder attack, he continued research on the time machine and invented one for Suzuha to use in 2036. However, this machine was incomplete and could only travel backwards through time, as Daru was killed by the Rounders in 2033 before completing the machine.

After Suzuha successfully retrieves the IBN5100 in 1975, she arranges so that Daru and Rintaro receives it. Daru in 2033, knowing about his death and the flaw of the time machine, finished it before time so that Suzuha can use it to travel back and forth in time. With the prevention of SERN's acquisition of Kurisu's research, the future does not become a dystopia and thus, does not necessitate the invention of Daru's time machine.

Quotes Edit

  • "Say, "Your banana is soft and squishy"" -Daru to Mayuri
  • "At that time, no one bought PCs. They were too expensive"
  • "Gel-bana....But it's completely connected to the rest of the bunch..."
  • "Could you say, "Who'd eat a pervert's banana, anyways?"" -Daru to Kurisu
  • "Perverts glaring at each other..... Win!"
  • "Human is dead.....Mismatch."
  • "This doesn't make any sense!....Die! Darn It!"
  • "I already pre-ordered an eroge coming out ant the end of this month..."


  • If players were to pronounce Daru's full name over and over again, they will form "DA ITA", which equals to "Titor".

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