Kayano (伽夜乃 Kayano?) is an original character introduced in the spin-off manga Rebellion of the Missing Ring, where she acts as an antagonist.

Appearance Edit

Kayano has long black hair and wears glasses. She also appeared wearing an Upa mask when acting as Rounders.

Personality Edit

When killing, she acts as if it was a game, acting like she was scoring points for brutalizing and killing her targets. She seems rather fond of how expendable she is to SERN, stating she is happy to die to preserve peace.

Background Edit

2 years ago, she killed several of Suzuha Amane's allies.

Plot Edit

She attempts to kill Suzuha, but ends up killing Yuki Amane instead. She later attempts to kill Suzuha again, but is foiled by Rei. She later follows Suzuha into the past. She calls FB and sets up a meeting.

Gallery Edit

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