The PhoneWave (Name subject to change) is one of the inventions of the Future Gadget Laboratory (Future Gadget No. 8). With it, you can send messages to the past.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Initially, the lab wanted to create a microwave that could be controlled remotely using a mobile phone. The timer (in seconds) was added and Daru changed the direction of rotation of the microwave plate to the opposite (i.e., clockwise) and switched control to the computer, connected a mobile phone (like a receiver) to the microwave itself, the time was sent from the mobile phone through a program configured to the phone number connected to the microwave. After that, laboratory members noticed the strange effect of the device: bananas placed in it, instead of being heated, became green and watery, like a gel (hence the name gelbana, "gel banana"). When they didn’t put inside the whole bunch, but a banana torn from it, the gel banana as a result of the device turned out to be attached to the bunch left on the table. Analysis of gel bananas under a microscope showed that they are changed at the molecular level, the molecules having been forcibly ripped apart.

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