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Boukan no Rebellion manga cover

Steins;Gate – Rebellion of the Missing Ring (STEINS;GATE 亡環のリベリオン Boukan no Riberion?) is a spin-off manga of the Steins;Gate visual novel focusing on Amane Suzuha's experiences of the 0.000000, 0.337187, and 0.409431% World Lines. It introduces new antagonists such as Kayano and reveals new information about the Valkyrie resistance and SERN in the Alpha Attractor Field.


Chapter 0 : In the future, world line 0.000000

The Valkyrie resistant burst into the room where Okabe Rintarou is being held prisoner by Tennouji Nae. Nae escapes so the Valkyrie can not get to her.

They manage to get Okabe out, and Hashida Itaru rushes to Okabe. The Valkyrie tell Hashida that by the time that they found Okabe he was already dead. Hashida starts to cry, and scream, telling to Okabe (Even though he was dead) That 'There's no way I can make a time machine alone!, There's no way I can change the future like this!'.

Then Hashida Itaru notices his lab member badge, and his screams stop, but his tears stay. He gazes at it, thinking that if something happened to Suzuha or Yuki (His wife), he could never forgive himself. He then passes on his lab member badge to a young Suzuha.

He then takes a lab coat, and mimics Okabe Rintarou's mad scientist impression, trying to make himself have enough courage to change the world.