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Robotics;Notes DaSH (ロボティクス・ノーツ DaSH, ロボノ DaSH) is the direct sequel to Robotics;Notes and a side entry in the Science Adventure Series. It originally released for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch on January 31, 2019.

Described as an "Augmented Science Adventure", Robotics;Notes DaSH features robotics and augmented reality as its main themes. Like Robotics;Notes, the gameplay in Robotics;Notes DaSH revolves around the use of a mobile phone/tablet hybrid known as the "PhoneDroid"[1] (also known as the "PokeCom").

Notably, Robotics;Notes DaSH features Steins;Gate's Itaru Hashida as one of its two protagonists. Nae Tennouji also returns as a supporting character.

Official English localizations for Robotics;Notes Elite and Robotics;Notes DaSH were published by Spike Chunsoft in the West and released in October 2020 as a double pack.[2]

Plot overview[]

Robotics;Notes DaSH takes place in the year 2020, half a year after the events of Robotics;Notes on the island of Tanegashima, Japan. The island's residents are in the midst of preparing for a summer festival, and JAXA is preparing for a new space mission. Protagonist Kaito Yashio moved to Kagoshima to focus on his studies after the events of the previous game, but he returns to Tanegashima in DaSH to celebrate the festival and reunite with his friends.

Nae Tennouji also returns to the island, but this time, she brings with her a man named Itaru Hashida. Conspiracies are still afoot on the island, and this time, it appears that the cast will need to enlist in this newcomer's help in order to resolve them.

Relation to Steins;Gate[]

Robotics;Notes DaSH takes place in the same world as the rest of the entries in the Science Adventure Series, and occurs several years after the events of Steins;Gate on the Steins Gate worldline.

Throughout the game, the player will come across numerous connections to both Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head, ranging from mere references to characters and plot elements making reappearances.

Just like in Robotics;Notes, Robotics;Notes DaSH features a Twitter-like application known as "Twipo" that allows the protagonist to read and interact with tweets from characters such as Mayuri Shiina, Luka Urushibara, Moeka Kiryu, and more.