From December 3, 2015 through the 10th, the official website began playing small, voice-acted conversations between characters to countdown to the release of the Steins;Gate 0 visual novel.

December 3 - Faris Nyannyan and MoekaEdit

SG0countdown12 3

Faris Nyannyan (VA Haruko Momoi) and Moeka Kiryu (VA Saori Gotō) - 7 days until release

Japanese Possible English translation
Faris: Nyaaaaaaaaaa---!!!!
Th-this is! What is going on, nya!?
萌郁:どう言う事…とは? Moeka: What do you mean?
F:お、もしかして!? これはやってのはもえニャン!?
F: Oh!? Could it be!? The one who is responsible for this is Moe-nyan!?
Why would you do something so terrible!?
今更どうにもならない事 諦めなさい。
M: That things have come to this was inevitable. At this point nothing can be done about it. Give up.
F: Give it back, nya!!
Return Faris's peace right now, nyaaa!!
M:シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ M: Steins;Gate 0
F:発売まで あと7日ニャ F: Only seven more days until the release, nya!

December 4 - Luka and SuzuhaEdit

SG0countdown12 4

Luka Urushibara (VA Yū Kobayashi) and Suzuha Amane (VA Yukari Tamura) - 6 days until release

Japanese Possible English translation

るか:阿万音さん、教えて下さい!皆さん何を隠してるんですか? 如何して僕にを教えてくれないですか? [To be added...]

Luka: Amane-san, please tell me! What is it that you are all hiding? Why won't [anyone] tell me? I might not be of much help, but even so, I, I-!

[To be added...] Suzuha: I'm sorry. But I won't tell you.
[To be added...] L: Can I not be a nakama[1] to all of you?
[To be added...] S: It's better if you don't know.
[To be added...] L: No way! This is...
[To be added...] S: Steins;Gate 0
[To be added...] L: There are only six days, until the release.

December 5 - Mayuri and KagariEdit

SG0countdown12 5

Mayuri Shiina (VA Kana Hanazawa) and Kagari Shiina (VA Megumi Han) - 5 days until release

Japanese Possible English translation
まゆり:かがりちゃん、これを Mayuri: Kagari-chan, here.
かがり:これは、ママの大切なうーぱ Kagari: This is, Mama's precious Upa…
M:お守り だよ M: It's a charm to protect you.
K:いやだよ ママ かがりは行くたくない!ママと一緒がいい! K: No! Mama! I don't want to go. I want to be together with Mama!!
M:ごめんね ママは一緒行けないの だから、ママの代わりにオカリンに伝えてシュタインズゲートはきっとあるよって M: …I'm sorry. Mama cannot go with you.
That's why.. in Mama's stead tell Okarin, "The Steins Gate certainly exists!"
K:ママ…? K: Mama?
M:さよなら、かがりちゃん M: Farewell, Kagari-chan.
K:ママアアアアアアアー!! K: Mamaaaa-!
M:シュタインズ・ゲート  ゼロ M: Steins;Gate… 0
K:発売まで あと5日 K: Only five more days until release.

December 6 - Daru and SuzuhaEdit

SG0countdown12 6

Itaru Hashida (VA Tomokazu Seki) and Suzuha Amane (VA Yukari Tamura) - 4 days until release

Japanese Possible English translation
[To be added...] Suzuha: What should we do, Dad? There's no time to waste!
[To be added...] Daru: It's alright, Suzuha. Right now, Okarin just needs some rest. Before very long, I'm sure-
[To be added...] S: We can't afford to be so generous!
At this rate, in just several more years the Third World War will break out. Billions of people are going to die! And that, includes Mom!
[To be added...] D: Suzuha…
[To be added...] S: Dad, you should say something to him! Tell him to save the future!! To travel to the past right now!
[To be added...] D: I won't say that to him.
Because, I know that Okarin is suffering!
[To be added...] S: Steins;Gate 0
[To be added...] D: Four more days until its release!

December 7 - Mayuri and OkabeEdit

SG0countdown12 7

Mayuri Shiina (VA Kana Hanazawa) and Rintaro Okabe (VA Mamoru Miyano) - 3 days until release

Japanese Possible English translation
[To be added...] Mayuri: Um, Okarin… Lately, you always look so sad.
[To be added...] Okabe: Mayuri..
[To be added...] M: Is it, possibly because of Mayushii?
[To be added...] O: It's not that! It's absolutely not your fault!
[To be added...] M: Mayushi, you know, wishes you could smile like you used to. That's why.. if it's Mayushii's fault…
[To be added...] O: You're wrong. That's not it at all! It's not like that! It's not- It's mine. Everything is my fault.
[To be added...] M: Steins;Gate.. 0
[To be added...] O: Three more days until the release

December 8 - Maho and OkabeEdit

SG0countdown12 8

Maho Hiyajo (VA Sayuri Yahagi) and Rintaro Okabe (VA Mamoru Miyano) - 2 days until release

Japanese Possible English translation
[To be added...] Maho: Thank you, Okabe-san, for being friends with Kurisu. Because.. If she had been all alone in this city, it would have been too lonely, right? Like that it would have been just too heartbreaking.
[To be added...] Okabe: Hiyajo-san..
[To be added...] M: That's right. If it's you it would probably be alright to introduce, that girl.
[To be added...] O: That girl?
[To be added...] M: Allow me to introduce. This is Amadeus, an artificial intelligence holding her memories.
[To be added...] O: You don't mean!? Kurisu's!?
[To be added...] M: Steins;Gate 0
[To be added...] O: Two more days until the release

December 9 - Okabe (and Amadeus Kurisu)Edit

SG0countdown12 9

Rintaro Okabe (VA Mamoru Miyano) (and Amadeus Kurisu (VA Asami Imai)) - 1 day until release

Possible English translation
Okabe: I, was going to forget. Kurisu, about you,                 about the world,
                                (Amadeus Kurisu: Nice to meet you!)
(AmaKuri: Okabe Rintaro-san, I am Makise Kurisu.)
                                         Okabe: so then why

(AmaKuri: As Maho-senpai explained already, I am Amadeus, an artificial 
intelligence holding the memories of my original, Makise Kurisu.)
                                                        Okabe: Why are you… 
                                                        once more before my eyes?

(AmaKuri: Okabe-san, you…)
              Okabe: You are still dead. Does that mean that fate is
toying with the world? …Kurisu
                     (AmaKuri: Why are you smiling so sadly?)

Okabe: Steins;Gate 0

Amadeus Kurisu: The release is finally tomorrow
[To be added...]

December 10 - Okabe, (Amadeus) Kurisu, the Labmems, Maho and NaeEdit

SG0countdown12 10

Released today

Japanese Possible English translation
アマデウスの紅莉栖:岡部さん Amadeus Kurisu: Okabe-san
真帆:岡部さん Maho: Okabe-san
綯:オカリンおじさん Nae: Uncle Okarin
るか:岡部さん Luka: Okabe-san
萌郁:岡部君 Moeka: Okabe-kun
フェイリス:オカリン Faris: Okarin
鈴羽:オカリンおじさん! Suzuha: Uncle Okarin!
ダル:オカリン Daru: Okarin
まゆり:オカリン Mayuri: Okarin
〈故〉紅莉栖の声:岡部 The late Kurisu's voice: Okabe
俺は  俺は
Okabe: I'm sorry… Kurisu
I'm sorry, Everyone
I… I,
紅莉栖:シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ
Kurisu: Steins;Gate 0, today it is released
岡部:俺はも… シュタインズゲートなんて目指さない Okabe: I... will no longer.. try to reach the Steins Gate

References and NotesEdit

  1. In this instance, denoting a type of friend or comrade, emphasizing their special bond that causes them to be there for each other. For more see: "The two types of friendship in anime"
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