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In the Alpha Attractor Field that most of Steins;Gate takes place in, Suzuha Amane (阿万音鈴羽, Amane Suzuha), later known as Suzu Hashida, is a part-time employee for Yugo Tennouji, the landlord of Rintaro's flat and is on a search for her father in Akihabara. She enjoys riding her bicycle and appears to be at odds with Kurisu and a major character in the series.

She is in fact a time traveller from 2036 who, under the guise of John Titor, seeks to prevent SERN, at the command of the Committee of 300, from creating a Time Machine that will lead to dystopia. Though she is initially unaware of it, she is the daughter of Itaru Hashida and Yuki Amane.


Suzuha full profile.

Suzuha's physical attributes include pale toned skin, long brown hair and a slim profile. Her outfit consists of a blue jacket, a sweater, black cycle shorts and white socks. She usually ties her hair into two braids.


A friendly, athletic girl who loves cycling and works part-time at the Braun Tube Workshop below the lab. Suzuha often comes across as overly familiar, but in truth she maintains a carefully measured distance from everyone. When something captures her interest, however, Suzuha's personality changes dramatically and she becomes aggressive and relentless, meaning she is a really straight type of person. She is also perceptive, as shown in her ending when she realized that Rintaro was time leaping.

Suzuha dislikes asking others for help, and will not reveal her own problems to anyone unless absolutely necessary. She also has a tendency to use uncommon words in casual conversation, possibly on purpose.

Suzuha claimed to work with Mr. Braun because of her interest in Braun Tube, though she constantly slacks off by maintaining her bicycle whenever her boss is not around.

Due to the dystopian nature of her era, she is not accustomed to most things quite common in the 21st century such as corn, fireworks, and beef bowls and is easily excited to try everything out. This implies the truly cold desolate nature of her era that possibly prevented her from enjoying life.

After she went back in time to 1975 safely thanks to Okabe's D-Mail to prevent Suzuha's suicide in another Alpha worldline, she became more wise and mature because of her own mind and physical appearance even ages after going back in time. She was much kind but slightly sternful towards only Shouichi Makise than Yukitaka Akiha and Tennouji because of the former's inflated ego during the meeting between her, Makise and Yukitaka back in 1994 which escalated into an argument with Suzuha and Yukitaka willing to stop researching Time Travel together after Shouichi complicated things for them but in spite of it, she was a positive influence on him when he admits his love to Kurisu indirectly in spite of their strainful relationship between them.

During the anime and somewhat in the game, she has a strong dislike towards Kurisu due to the fact that Kurisu's contribution to the invention of the time machine and her assistance to SERN contributed to a desolate future. When Suzuha hears Kurisu has done something to Rintaro, she turns serious and gets worried for him. In addition, when Rintaro claims to be brainwashed or tortured, Suzuha becomes increasingly worried, truly believing something bad has happened to Rintaro. This implies that Suzuha herself might have had experience with being tortured or that SERN had tortured others.

Suzuha Amane Anime Character Design


Radio Kaikan[]

At the start of the story, in the Beta Attractor Field, Suzuha safely lands her time machine on the roof of the Radio Kaikan building. What happens afterwards is not shown as, shortly afterwards, the world line switches to the Alpha World Line in which the device's coordinates are slightly off, causing it to  "appear" inside Radio Kaikan's upper floor, damaging itself and the building. Regardless, Suzuha manages to acquire a MTB bike and a phone and seeks employment at the Braun Tube Workshop owned by Yugo Tennouji in order to get close to the Future Gadget Laboratory.

Part-Time Warrior[]

Rintarou first encounters her when she applies to work part-time at the Braun Tube Workshop. She appears fairly frequently but is often slacking off due to the Braun Tube Workshop's unpopularity. He christens her "Part-Time Warrior", due to her statement that she is a soldier. She forms a close relationship with Nae Tennouji but always glares menacingly at Kurisu Makise whenever she sees her. She believes Kurisu is a SERN conspirator because she is hailed as the "Mother of Time Machines" in 2036, unaware of the fact that Kurisu's co-operation with SERN was probably involuntary. As John Titor, she exchanges mail with Rintaro and posts on @channel, although no one is aware of her identity.

Search for Father[]

Suzuha attempts to meet her father at a time machine offline meet she knows he will attend. However, this meeting is prevented by an unknowing Rintaro, who prevents Daru from going to the meeting. Unable to meet her father, Suzuha leaves after sending a mail containing the single word "Goodbye" to Rintaro. She uses her time machine to leap to 1975 and obtain the IBN 5100. However, these events change after Rintaro sends a D-Mail so he would pursue Suzuha and prevent her from leaving. She remains in Akihabara, although during this time the time machine is damaged by rain water. Rintaro dubs her Lab Member no. 008 after accidentally telling her about the time machine's existence.

Last Supper[]

After the completion of the Time Leap Machine, Suzuha attends the celebratory dinner with the other lab members. However, A terrorist threat caused the train station to close shows up on the news. She quickly realized something terrible is going to happen then leaves the lab. While she is gone, Moeka Kiryu and several Rounders attack the lab and kill Mayuri Shiina. However, Suzuha shows up and defeats all the Rounders. She told Rintaro she had turned on the 42" CRT TV, so the time leap machine is in working condition. She is then trapped in a gun standoff with Moeka, giving Rintaro enough time to use the time leap machine to jump back in time.



After attaining World Line Divergence 0.337187% and using the Time Leap Machine to try and prevent Mayuri's death, Rintaro chooses to pursue Suzuha with both Daru and Mayuri, preventing her from leaving for 1975. Her identity as a time traveler, John Titor and her search for her father is revealed. Using a pin belonging to her father, the group attempt to identify him, but are unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Daru attempts to fix the flooded time machine. After fixing the time machine, Suzuha prepares to leave to 1975 and obtain a IBN 5100, but Mayuri interrupts and reveals to the group that she has managed to work out that Amane's father is Daru. The two have an emotional "reunion" and Suzuha leaves in the time machine, sending Rintaro a mail containing only the word "Goodbye". However, Daru's repair was incomplete and the time machine malfunctions. Although Amane makes it to 1975, she is amnesiac and only remembers herself as "Hashida Suzu". She aids the young Yugo Tennouji and acts as his mentor, but in 1999, her memories of 2010 return and she suffers a breakdown after realizing that she failed to obtain the IBN 5100 despite meeting her father and sharing experiences with all the lab members. One year later, she writes a farewell letter to Rintaro, telling him of her tragic fate, and entrusts it to Yugo, who gives it to him in 2010. After writing the letter, Suzuha hangs herself.

Suzuha's Ending[]

In this world line, the events of World Line Divergence 0.337187% recur endlessly due to Rintaro being unable to decide between saving Suzuha or Mayuri, so he loops time endlessly for himself by using the time leap machine to re-live the two days Suzuha spends with the lab members endlessly. However, after possibly hundreds or thousands of loops, Suzuha realises time is looping and confronts Rintaro. After discovering the truth of her suicide, she asks him to come with her to 1975 to ensure that she will not hang herself and will secure an IBN 5100. Rintaro's emotions begin to revive after this. The two enter the time machine and travel to the past, what happens to them is not shown. However, the scenario writer of Steins;Gate, Naotaka Hayashi apologized to the fans about the ambiguous ending and said that due to the efforts of Suzuha and Rintaro, their and the future of the worldline is certainly happy.


After Rintaro prevents himself from stopping Amane from leaving after her failed meeting with Daru, she leaves in the unbroken time machine and her memories remain intact after the journey. She secures an IBN 5100 and mentors Yugo Tennouji under the name "Hashida Suzu" (which suggests that she figured out that Daru was her father, despite not meeting him before travelling through time). However, she dies from an illness due to her time travelling in 2000 at the age of 43. Her Divergence Meter passes into Yugo's possession. Unlike in World Line Divergence 0.337187%, she does not die in anguish and accomplishes her mission, passing on the IBN 5100 to Yukitaka who in turn delivered it to Yanagibayashi Shrine for Okabe in the future.

Steins;Gate 0 Anime Design

Beta Attractor Field[]

In the Beta Attractor Field, World War III breaks out. Daru invents the complete time machine that can travel backwards and forwards in time, which Suzuha uses to travel to 2010 to convince Rintaro to save Makise Kurisu and change the past/future. This Suzuha is aware Daru is her father. Her personality is slightly different from the Alpha world line Suzuha. She and Rintaro travel back to July 28, 2010 to save Kurisu. After securing Kurisu's life and faking her death to trick the past Rintaro, Suzuha disappears, as in the rebuilt future, Daru's time machine was not invented and she did not travel back to 2010.


After the events of Steins;Gate, in Robotics;Notes it is revealed that Daru got married and has a daughter, who may be the Steins;Gate world line's version of Suzuha. However, she doesn't appear during the events of Robotics;Notes.Citation Needed


  • "Everyone needs a hand at some point or another, that's just how life works. Just make sure you're ready to lend a hand yourself when your number comes up."
  • "She's... my enemy." -Suzuha talking about Kurisu
  • "This era is so peaceful. That's a wonderful thing... but it scared me. All I knew was the fight against SERN."
  • "To rule time is to rule the world."
  • "I'm really grateful to you. All of you. When I came to this time, I didn't know anyone, I was all alone in a world completely different from my own... But now I have friends... real friends, who I can share my secrets with."
  • "In that case... Will you come with me, Okabe Rintaro? To 1975?... To tell the truth, I want someone to come with me. I don't want to go knowing I'll fail. I don't want my death to be meaningless... So come with me, save me. I want to save you too. I can't bear seeing you like this. So come, save me." -Suzuha to Rintaro in her ending, when he was all worn out because of his countless time leaps.


  • Suzuha's voice actresses, Yukari Tamura and Cherami Leigh, also voice her mother].
  • Obtaining Suzuha's ending finishes the game earlier than usual, as it takes place during chapter 6. Most of the other endings take place during chapters 7-10 of the game. It is also the only ending where Rintarou's ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Suzuha made an appearance in Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace as one of the main possible romantic interests of Rintaro. Her existence in this world line is odd, since the setting of this visual novel took place in a worldline where SERN's influence is almost non-existent, the creation of the Phone Microwave did not happen and time-travel technology was never (and is highly unlikely to ever be) developed, Suzuha would have absolutely no reason (and no way) to appear in 2010.
  • Suzuha's cat maiden name in My Darling's Embrace is Rinrin NyanNyan.
  • If the cosplay addon is activated in the Steins;Gate visual novel, Suzuha's new appearance resembles Motoko Kusanagi , a character in the Ghost in the Shell anime and manga series.
  • Lab Member 008. Last Lab Member introduced in Steins;Gate. Joined at episode 10. She is recruited by Rintaro shortly after he was hearing about how she did not know who her father is.
  • According to Steins;Gate 0, she left for 2010 at August 13th, 2036, thus by Steins;Gate 0's main plot, she would be 19. August 13 is also the same date that Mayuri would die in the Alpha Attractor Field.