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The Steins;Gate story universe spans many worldlines. This page is for various types of chronologies of the events depicted in the original story and sequel and spin-off material.

World Line Flow Chart[]

World line flow chart.png

Chronological Tables[]

History changes that are due to a D-Mail are marked with a " D".
History changes that are due to time travel are marked with a " T".
Actions that change the world line are marked with
World line changes perceived by Okabe due to his Reading Steiner are marked with a

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Common Attractor Field Chronology[]

World lines other than α (Alpha) and β (Beta) may differ

Date Event
1954 SERN is founded
1959 SERN Proton synchrotron completed
1959-1960 Urushibara Eisuke is born
1966-1967 Akiha Yukitaka is born
1967/01/13 Makise Shouichi (Doctor Nakabachi) is born
1973 SERN begins the "Z Program" for the purpose of time machine development
1975/06 IBN5100 is for sale
1978/03/12 Tennouji Yuugo is born
1981 IBN PC goes on sale
1982/03 With the popularity of IBN PC, IBN5100 is discontinued
1986 Nakabachi is earnest to start research on time machine theory
1989/06/28 Suzuki Isao (4℃) is born
1990/06/06 Kiryuu Moeka is born
1991 Hashida Itaru (05/19) and Okabe Rintarou (12/14) are born

•Gulf War, collapse of the Soviet Union (Large world divergence)

1992/07/25 Makise Kurisu is born
1993 Akiha Rumiho (Faris Nyannyan) (04/03) and Urushibara Ruka (08/30) are born
1994/02/01 Shiina Mayuri is born
1996/12/22 Tennouji ordered to Akihabara
1997/07/25 Tennouji in Japan, meets Imamiya Tsuzuri

•Spring, Tennouji and Tsuzuri are engaged and expecting
•Tennouji Nae is born on 11/09

1999 Okabe struck with a fever between the end of 1999 and the beginning of the year 2000
2000 Y2k bug (scare)(Large world divergence - Gamma splits off from the other known lines)
2001 •SERN: prototype time machine and LHC is operational; beginning of fourth phase of the Z-program (according to Jellyman's report)

•During summer, Tennouji Tsuzuri is expecting her second child
•10/22, Tsuzuri's death

2003 Nakabachi leaves home
2004 Mayuri's grandmother dies
2005 •Okabe becomes the self-proclaimed "Mad Scientist Hououin Kyouma" (about half a year after Mayuri's grandmother's passing)

•SERN: succeeds in mini black hole creation; end of fourth experimentation phase of Z Program

2006 •Kurisu is admitted to the Institute of Neuroscience at Viktor Chondria University

•Moeka attempts suicide and responds to Rounder recruitment mail

2007 Okabe and Daru are classmates (In the 2nd year, different classes)
2008 •02/12, Okabe and Daru receive a D-Mail

•SERN official announcement of start of LHC experiments (ostensibly to study unknown particle reaction)

2009 •Okabe encounters Aoi Sena[1]

•09/01-11/04, New Generation Madness and 11/06, Shibuya quake (Chaos;Head)

2010 •Mid March, Future Gadget Lab is founded

•End of March, Kurisu receives letter from her father, and begins writing time machine thesis[2]
•April, Mayuri becomes Labmem 002 (within half a month of the lab's founding)
•May, Daru becomes Labmem 003 (Golden Week)
•June, Moeka starts searching for IBN5100 in Akihabara
•July, Makise Kurisu spends two weeks "reverse studying" at girls high school
•July, Phone Microwave complete, time machine function discovered by accident
•7/23, The first D-mail is caught in Echelon's database
•8/15 Summer Comima Day 1

2011/12/29 Winter Comima Day 1
2017/09/27 Amane Suzuha is born

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α (Alpha) Attractor Field Chronology[]

Date Common 0.5710..% 0.5232..% 0.4569..% 0.4090..% 0.33....%
1975 T Suzuha begins search for IBN5100 Suzuha suffers amnesia
1986 Nakabachi participates in time machine research
1993 D Jan., Ruka's mom receives D-Mail

•08/30, Ruka is born female

1994/10/03 Suzuha calls off time machine research[3]
1997 Tennouji comes under the care of Suzuha
1999 Suzuha regains her memory
2000 •Suzuha dies 04/03
•Akiha Yukitaka dies
D Akiha receives kidnapping D-Mail

•Sells IBN5100

•June, Suzuha writes letter

•Suzuha commits suicide

2001 Faris dedicates the IBN5100 to Yanabayashi Shrine
2003/07/25 Nakabachi visits Akiha's home[3]
2009/01/04 Ruka is cleaning the main hall Ruka cleans the storehouse, breaks IBN5100 by accident, and hides it in a locker
2010/07/28 T time machine appears (11:21)[4]

•Nakabachi's conference is cancelled
•Faris attends meeting (around 11:26)[5]
•Moeka talks with Suzuha (around 11:27)[6]
•Mayuri arrives at the lab (around 11:33)[7]
•Daru at lab, watches anime, improves Phone Microwave (around 11:55)[8]
•Upon opening Phone Microwave, discharge phenomenon
•☆ Okabe arrives from β world line (around 12:48)[9]

07/31 D Moeka obtains IBN5100
08/01 Okabe obtains IBN5100
08/03 ★Lotto6 D-mail (Change to 0.571015%)
08/04 ★Moeka's D-mail (change to 0.523299%) ☆ from 0.571015%
08/06 ★Ruka's D-mail sent (change to 0.456903%) ☆ from 0.523299%
08/07 ★Faris's D-mail sent (change to 0.409420%) ☆ arrive from 0.456903%
08/08 1st threat mail
08/09 Suzuha time travels to 1975 D Tailing Suzuha

(during off-line meeting, D-mails trigger RS[10])

08/10 ★D-mail sent to tail Suzuha (change to 0.337187%) ☆ arrive from 0.409420%

(Kayano contacts FB[10])

Mid Aug. •13th, Rainet AB Grand Champion finals

•13th, Time Leap Machine complete
•15th, FB & M4 die (survive in 0.57....%)
•Mayuri dies
•Rounder raid

•☆15th, from 0.523307%

•★17th, deletion of first D-Mail (Change to β world line)
•17th, Mayuri dies

•☆15th, from 0.456914%

•★15th, D-Mail (change to 0.571046%)
•15th, Bravo team takes the IBN5100 to France
•15th, Tennouji Yuugo dies
•15th, Moeka dies
•16th, Mayuri dies

•☆14th, arrive from 0.409431%

•★15th, D-Mail sent (change to 0.523307%)
•15th, Mayuri dies (Attack does not occur, monitoring only)

•☆13th, from 0.337187%

•★14th, send D-Mail (change to 0.456914% or Ω world line)
•14th, raid
•14th, Mayuri dies

•11th, 2nd threat mail

•13th, Rounder raid
•13th, Mayuri dies
•Daru repairing machine from 8/11-13
•Suzuha time travels to 1975 (or ★Okabe also time travels)
•★13th, send D-Mail (change to 0.409431%)

Unknown Ruka and Okabe have a child
2011/12/21 Okabe & Daru's escape plan[11] Okabe and Daru returned to Japan, under surveillance[11]
2011/12/29 Daru meets Amane Yuki Okabe & Daru escape in Winter Comima Cosplay venue; start of Valkyrie Resistance[11]
2020 Attractor field theory is proposed
2021 Okabe makes divergence meter
2025 •Okabe: dies in Rounder attack

•Daru: leader of Valkyrie

Nae kills Okabe, time leaps to the past Okabe dies (Rounders unrelated)
2033 Daru dies in Rounder attack Daru dies (Rounders unrelated)
2034 •Suzuha(16) fails to assassinate Kurisu

•SERN completes time machine
•Kurisu dies

2036 •09/27, Suzuha(18): mother shows her movie letter from father giving her the time machine[10]

•Amane Yuki is killed by Rounder attack
•Suzuha time travels to 2010/07/28

Divergence 0.571024% Main work's starting point in Alpha, Character Song CDs mini drama (except Okabe)
Divergence 0.571015% Lotto 6 world

Divergence 0.523299% Moeka obtains the IBN5100 world

Divergence 0.456903% Rukako is female world

Divergence 0.409420% Faris's papa survives world

Divergence 0.337187% Suzuha commits suicide world, Rebellion of the Missing Ring

Divergence 0.409431% Suzuha dies of illness world, Rebellion of the Missing Ring

Divergence 0.456914% Faris's papa dies in plane accident world

Divergence 0.523307% Ruka is male, Braunian Motion of Love and Hate

Divergence 0.571046% Moeka does not obtain the IBN5100, Linear Bounded Phenogram (Mayuri), Babel of the Grieved Maze

Divergence 0.000000% Suzuha's original world, Rebellion of the Missing Ring
Divergence 0.337199% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Okabe: "Jekyll on lines")

Divergence 0.328403% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Kurisu)

Divergence 0.337337% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Suzuha)

Divergence 0.456923% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Ruka)
Divergence 0.509736% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Moeka)
Divergence 0.337161% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Nae)

Divergence 0.334581% The Distant Valhalla

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β Attractor Field Chronology[]

Date Common 1.129848% 1.130205% Time traveling 1.130212%
1975 T Suzuha moves first to this time

•Obtains IBN5100

2000/04/03 Akiha Yukitaka dies
2000/11/02 T John Titor appears on American forum
2001 •March, John Titor disappears from forum

•During a dawn, Faris dedicates IBN5100

2001/03/24 T(0:00), Suzuha moves to 2010/8/21
2010/03/28 Kurisu - ideas related to Amadeus
2010/07/28 •Daru working on the Phone Microwave

(11:21 or later)[12]
T Time machine appears(11:50)
•Nakabachi’s conference begins(12:00)
•Mayuri loses metal Upa(12:00)
•Kurisu and Okabe first meeting
•Kurisu takes Okabe out of the hall (about 15min. after meeting)
D “Noise” movie mail received(12:26)
•Conference ends (around 12:26)
•Kurisu dies(12:39); scream heard
•Okabe witnesses fallen Kurisu
•★1st D-Mail sent(move to α world line)

•(Before failure) ☆ T from 1.130205% 8/21, evening

T to 8/21, evening •(After failure) D Okabe receives movie mail successfully

•(Second attempt) ☆ T from 1.130212% 8/21, evening
T Mayuri loses plastic Upa
T Bloodied Kurisu
T to 8/21, evening

2010/08/01 Okabe obtains IBN5100[13]
2010/08/15 •Mayuri cosplays herself at Comima

•Daru meets Amane Yuki

2010/08/17 ☆ Returns back from drifting in α world lines ☆ arrives from α world line(0.571046%)
2010/08/21 •Back from drifting Okabe dismantles Phone Microwave and IBN5100

•Nakabachi defects to Russia

T Suzuha appears in C203

•★ Okabe and Suzuha travel to 2010/07/28

T Suzuha C204 appears in C204(17:56)

•★ Okabe and Suzuha travel to 2010/07/28 in C204
T From the C203 2011 Mayuri calls 2010 Mayuri

•(After failure) ☆ return from 7/28

T Mayuri slaps Okabe (world line shifts to 1.130212% from this point on)
D Watches movie mail from Future Okabe
•★ Okabe and Suzuha time travel a second time

★ Nakabachi’s paper burns (change to SG)
2010/09 (Only in 1.130238% Okabe and Mayuri become lovers)
2011/01 Police matter: Suzuha turns gun on Okabe

(Deadline to make a round trip with 344 days worth of fuel is Jan. 16th)

2011/07/07 •(Deadline for a one-way trip with 344 days worth of fuel)

•Mayuri hears about her future from Suzuha
•★T Suzuha and Mayuri go to 2010/8/21 in C203 (change to 1.130205%)

T Suzuha and Mayuri travel to 2010/08/21 in C204

•☆ Okabe from 1.129848% faces time travel research

2012 Daru meets Amane Yuki
Around 2025 •WWIII[13]

•The Great Tokyo Air Raid

2025 Okabe dies Okabe dies protecting Mayuri during a robbery •Okabe sends D-Mail to 8/21

•Entrusts Operation Skuld to Daru and Suzuha

2030/04 Suzuha joins the military by universal conscription
Unknown •Yuki dies

•Suzuha withdraws from the military

2036 Daru completes the time machine Daru completes the C203 Daru completes the C204
2036/08/13 Suzuha time travels to 1975 Kagari on board

※ During time travel to 2010/7/28 a fluctuation of 0.000001~0.000003% occurs[14]
Divergence 1.130426% Game’s starting world, Okabe's character song CD mini drama, Epigraph of the Closed Curve
Divergence 1.129848% Arc Light of the Point at Infinity, Epigraph of the Closed Curve
Divergence 1.130205% Kurisu ending world, Chapter 11 world, Arc Light of the Point at Infinity
Divergence 1.130206~1.130208% Time traveling (8/21→7/28)
Divergence 1.130209~1.130211% Time traveling (7/28→8/21)
Divergence 1.130212% Chapter 11 world (after face slapping), Arc Light of the Point at Infinity (after face slapping)
Divergence 1.130238% Mayuri Ending world

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Steins Gate World Line Chronology[]

Date 1.048596%
Around 2010/07

•Moeka is fired from Arc Rewrite
•Nae is in a bike and traffic accident
•Tennouji accepts Moeka as part-timer at CRT shop

2010/07/28 •Mayuri loses plastic Upa

•Kurisu reports Nakabachi for stabbing someone

2010/08/01 Okabe and Moeka search together for IBN5100
2010/08/21 •PhoneWave (Name subject to change) dismantled[13]

•Nakabachi paper burns, Nakabachi arrested in Russia
•☆ Okabe gets off of the time machine bloody, time machine disappears, Okabe watches TV in ambulance, then hospitalized

Around 2010/09 Rukako’s cosplay event and sudden rise to fame as cosplayer
Last third of 2010/09 Okabe discharged after living in the hospital for a month, reunited with Kurisu in Akihabara
2010/12/14 •Okabe receives mail from Kurisu on his birthday

•Kurisu is busy every day in Arizona

Mid 2010/12 A letter arrives at the lab from Kurisu addressed to Okabe
2010/12/24 Searching through Akihabara, Christmas party
Unknown •Kurisu meets Kunosato Mio who was invited to the Viktor Chondria University Institute of Neuroscience

•SERN freezes time machine development research and transitions to BHB bomb development research

Around 2015/09 Crash of 2015
2015/09/07 Return of the New Generation Madness
2015/11/06 Daru at the lab consents to Kunosato Mio’s request for refuge
2017/09/27 Amane Suzuha is born
2019/04 Nae joins the JAXA Chofu Aerospace Center, assigned to the R&D headquarters Unexplored Technology Research Center
2019/07/30 Nae is dispatched to TNSC in Innovative Robotics Technology Research Support Operations & "abducts" Chuuou Tanegashima high school robot research club members
2019/08/31 Nae returns home to Tokyo for one month to negotiate budget with head office, often goes to Akihabara in the weekends (09/22, 27)
2019/10 SERN's BHB is stolen
2019/12/27 Daru holds a home party with circle friends (Labmems?)
2020/02/26 Okabe(?) convenes Labmems -Kurisu is unable to participate as she is in the US- & Operation Lævateinn; Nae rescues Frau Koujiro
2020/02/28 Daru provides DG297 3rd EDTION ver.4.11 & antivirus; Nae is in charge of TNSC Capture B squad rush troops

Divergence 1.048596% True ending world, “Holy Day of Scourge”, Shouninkyoumei no Pardon, Shouninkyoumei no Souvenir, “Tomorrow in a Box” (SCIENCE ADV SERIES 5 Years Jubilee book), ROBOTICS;NOTES, CHAOS;CHILD

X Attractor Field[15][]

Divergence 1.048728% Variant Space Octet (noncanon)
Divergence 1.049326% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Ruka's story ending world)

Page: Top, Chronological Tables - Common, α, β, Steins Gate World Line, γ, δ, ε, Ω, References and Notes

γ (Gamma) Attractor Field Chronology[]

Divergence 2.615074% Hyde of the Dark Dimension

Page: Top, Chronological Tables - Common, α, β, Steins Gate World Line, γ, δ, ε, Ω, References and Notes

δ (Delta) Attractor Field Chronology[]

Date 3.019430 3.030493 3.386019...
to be added...

Divergence 3.019430% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Daru's story)
Divergence 3.030493% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Faris's story)
Divergence 3.130238% My Darling's Embrace (Mayuri's route)
Divergence 3.182879% My Darling's Embrace (Faris's route)
Divergence 3.372329% My Darling's Embrace (Suzuha's route)
Divergence 3.386019% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Tennouji's story) ※ Despite this worldline being in the middle of the My Darling's Embrace world lines, Suzuha does not time travel to 2010.
Divergence 3.406288% My Darling's Embrace (Kurisu's route, common starting point)
Divergence 3.600104% My Darling's Embrace (Moeka's route)
Divergence 3.667293% My Darling's Embrace (Ruka's route)

ε Attractor Field Chronology[]

Common before 2010/08/13
to be added...
World line 2010/08/13
4.456441% to be added...

Divergence 4.019430% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Okabe's 2nd story "Three Contrapasso About the Abduction")

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Ω (Omega) Attractor Field Chronology[]

Divergence -0.275349% Faris ending world
Divergence -0.195284% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Mayuri's story ending world)

Page: Top, Chronological Tables - Common, α, β, Steins Gate World Line, γ, δ, ε, Ω, References and Notes

References and Notes for the Chronological Tables[]

A large portion of the Chronological Tables section is translated from one of the Japanese language Steins;Gate wikis (view source).
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