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Tsuzuri Imamiya (今宮 綴 (いまみや つづり?), Imamiya Tsuzuri ) is the wife of Yugo Tennouji and the mother of Nae Tennouji. In the Alpha Attractor Field Divergence 0.523307%, she was studying as a university student under Suzu Hashida when she met Tennouji on December 22nd of 1996. Though Tennouji tells others that she died in childbirth, she really was turned into a jellyman by SERN as punishment and a major threat to him around October 22, 2001. She was pregnant with their second child.

Her story is told in the manga Onshuu no Braunian Motion.

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Tsuzuri strongly resembles Nae Tennouji as noted by Suzuha Amane by her physical appearances as she crosses paths with Tennouji.

When she first met him, her hair's colored Coyote brown, extended long and down to her hips. After she and Tennouji married and gave birth to Nae, she fixed her hair into a ponytail hanging down mostly above her right shoulder.


Tsuzuri is introduced as a kind, mature, grateful and enthusiastic woman when she thanks Yugo Tennouji for stopping a thief to retrieve her handbag back and getting to know him as a slightly rough but kind man whose slightly rocky relationship with Suzu Hashida improved thanks to her involvement as the mediator.

Even after discovering Tennouji was employed by the Rounders; a wrong kind of people to work for and the fact that he was asked to eliminate Suzu, she held no ill will towards him and was selfless enough to volunteer to be a Jellyman experiment by SERN against her will as punishment for him to make sure that his and Nae's safety is guaranteed not afraid of dying.





  • The name Tsuzuri means "compose, spell/spelling, write, bind (books)" (綴).
  • Tsuzuri's surname Imamiya means "now" (今) (ima) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).
    • Her married name Tennouji means "heaven/heavenly, sky, imperial" (天) (ten), "king, prince, monarch, sovereign, potentate" (王) (nou) and "temple" (寺) (ji).