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Picture of the Viktor Chondria University. An ordinary looking college campus with trees and surrounding brick-buildings.

Campus of the Viktor Chondria University

Viktor Chondria University is a fictional school in America and is the institution Kurisu Makise attended. It is based off of the real life Columbia University located in New York, U.S.A. Alexis Leskinen taught at the school in the field of neuroscience and mentored Maho Hiyajo, a genius student studying in the same field. Another professor there who is friends with Leskinen is Judy Reyes. Liddle Kmar from Anonymus;Code and Mio Kunosato of Chaos;Child is a fellow neuroscience student from Viktor Chondria University to Kurisu and also good friends with her, having worked in Kurisu’s lab.

Its world-renowned neuroscience department developed the technology known as Visual Rebuilding back in the 1990s, a technology for sending visual data into the brains of blind people using electromagnetic waves to allow them to see, which is capable of both sending and receiving data from human brains using electromagnetic waves. This technology is not only an important part of Chaos;Head, as the original basis for Project Noah, but it is also used the subject of Kurisu's thesis as well as the basis for Kurisu's Time Leap Machine in Steins;Gate and the Amadeus system in Steins;Gate 0.

The Amadeus system is also developed at Viktor Chondria University, with the research being led by Alexis Leskinen, Maho Hiyajo working as his assistant (and doing most of the work), and Kurisu Makise being the guinea pig for the experiment, having it create an AI based on Kurisu's memories and personality. Rintaro Okabe is also involved as a volunteer to test Viktor Chondria University's Amadeus system, despite not being officially affiliated with the university.

Viktor Chondria University has close ties with the Committee of 300 and most of its scientific research is done to help further the Committee's various projects, although only a select few professors and administrators are aware of this fact. It is not something that most students would know about, with the exception of a few such as Mio Kunosato.

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