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Yukitaka Akiha (秋葉 幸孝, Akiha Yukitaka) is the husband of Chikane Akiha and the father of Rumiho Akiha.


Yukitaka and Shouichi Makise were good friends in college, under an influence and inspiration of a mentor. He will then sponsor on Shouichi's research. However he stopped the funding due to his own business crisis which results in the Makise family moving to Aomori.


Yukitaka died in a plane crash several years before the events of Steins;Gate. He was the only victim of the crash. However, his daughter later uses a D-Mail to save his life, by making him believe she was kidnapped and forcing him to take the bullet train instead. However, due to the D-Mail, the Rounders were able to approach him and take his IBN 5100, which he had received from Suzuha Amane.

His survival led to a world line where Faris is a RaiNetter and Akihabara is still an Electric Town instead of a moe hub. Faris later sent another D-Mail that led to Yukitaka's death, so that Rintarou could acquire the IBN 5100. 

It was he who originally donated the IBN5100 to the shrine where the Urushibara family lives.


  • The name Yukitaka means "happiness, good luck" (幸) (yuki) and "filial piety, obedience" (孝) (taka).
  • Yukitaka's surname Akiha means "autumn" (秋) (aki) and "leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece" (葉) (ha).


  • Yukitaka's family owns a large area in the downtown districts of Tokyo, hence "Akihabara".
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